Conspiracy movement finds a detour through the news rankings

Article: Taeyeon grabs Yoona by the collars 'scary leader?'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+883, -64] A new law has passed that allows any congressman aged 65 and over a monthly pension of $1,200 for the rest of their life. This will be taken out of our taxes. In order to cover this passing, the industry has been revealing back to back scandals. Obviously, people have caught on to their ploy by now.

2. [+643, -307] Yoona needs to practice singing

3. [+316, -150] SNSD's so cute when they play


Article: Go Young Wook's phone call recording during his supposed reflection period "I want to see you quietly, delete my Kakao Talk messages"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+421, -8] Looks like this habit won't be fixed for the rest of his life... Aren't you even apologetic to your mother? If you shot to fame with your Chwahahaha on High Kick, you should've been satisfied and just kept working hard. Why put your parents through this? Your parents can't leave their house anymore.. No matter where your mom goes, people are going to point at her as the mother of a sexual offender.

2. [+539, -198] These are the names of the congressmen that voted against the new pension plan: (TN: omitted names)

Democratic Party - 25 members (19.7%)
Progressive Justice Party - 7 members (100%)
Unified Progressive Party - 5 members (83.3%)
Saenuri Party - 4 members (2.6%)

3. [+298, -6] If he knew that the faces of his parents were seen by everyone through TV, he should've been more careful with his actions if he had any consideration for his family at all


The best replies made me curious so I looked at the politics/society rankings to see why they were spreading the news in entertainment instead of in politics, and despite the following article having 4,000 +votes (which means it should be at #1), it was ranked 10th before falling off the rankings completely.

Article: 'They said they'd give up their perks...' Congressmen quietly pass pension law

Herald News via Nate

1. [+2,338, -25] Shouldn't they have even asked us about this before they passed it on their own? Why are they deciding their own pension?

2. [+2,065, -18] Why is such an important issue like this not in the headlines? These congressmen are seriously making swears come out of my mouth...

3. [+1,939, -27] Their greed for money sees no end.

4. [+205, -1] Why do congressmen even need pensions?

5. [+203, -5] Was Rain just bait? They're always shooting out an entertainment scandal and then trying to pass these things by without any attention. I hope all of you die before you turn 65.

6. [+134, -1] Don't use the tax money that your citizens pour sweat, blood, and tears to earn so that you can have some fun money for your retirement. There are so many people that need that money more than you.