Why do netizens view actresses as always being better than idols?

I don't know how it is with American celebrities, but Koreans generally don't put idols and actresses on the same level of ANYTHING. I didn't think to bring it up until I saw an article about Jessica sitting at a fashion show next to a row of other actresses yesterday.

Whenever pictures comparing idols to actresses come up, the general consensus seems to always be that idols, no matter how utterly gorgeous, can never live up to the '~aura~' of an actress. Actresses are put on a pedestal, even if they suck at acting/their job, and are seen as having the better, more luxurious profession.

This has always been the case with SNSD in particular (don't ask why), and most recently Suzy ever since she starred in that movie with Han Ga In.

Below are the best replies from two articles about Jessica surrounded by actresses at a fashion show.


Article: Jessica spotted at a fashion show... Looks as pretty as an actress

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+611, -159] How dare you compare her to Han Ji Min!!! In my eyes, Jessica is uglier... Look at that jaw.

2. [+487, -120] Han Ji Min >>>> space >>>> Jessica

3. [+372, -89] ?


Article: Jessica spotted at a fashion show 'Sticks out even while sitting next to Han Ji Min'

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+14, -0] Of course, Han Ji Min is the most beautiful ♥ Go Jun Hee's charming, Yoon Eun Hye's gorgeous, and Jessica's just... pretty... nothing more, nothing less.

2. [+7, -0] The difference between a singer and an actress


Another picture that has been uploaded to death on several community boards for a while now is a comparison photo between SNSD and Park Si Yeon. They call it the 'Park Si Yeon all kill' picture, and you can easily find it just searching keywords like 'SNSD's embarrassment' and 'Park Si Yeon all kill' on Naver.

Netizens are also always going on and on about SM's actresses Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee and how they're too 'perfect' to join an idol group and how they have faces that were 'made for acting' even though the consensus seems to be that they both could use some more help in the acting department.

Whenever topics about either of them possibly being an SNSD member or a solo like BoA is brought up, the best replies are usually always about how Lee Soo Man knew that the two were too perfect to become idols and saved them for acting instead.

I don't even know where this actress > idol thing came up from but it's been the mindset for a while now. But then again, I guess you wouldn't really compare Miley Cyrus with Angelina Jolie? so I might be missing something universal...

Even just running a simple 'actresses vs idol comparison' search into Naver turns up results like:

1. Comparison of beauty between female actresses and female idols

2. Actresses >>>>>>> a wall you cannot climb over >>>> idols


One Pann post with several pictures of idols and actresses in the same picture had the following best replies:

1. [+228, -16] Idols can never ever be put on the same level as actresses. I see a few crazy b@stards say stupid shit like how Suzy is prettier than Han Ga In but they better stop spouting nonsense if they don't want to get hurt.

2. [+171, -14] Han Ga In is daebak... She's not an actress for no reason. Anyone with eyes can see that she's on a different level from Suzy


You can see a compilation of all of the pictures netizens always bring up to prove that actresses > idols at the Pann post here.