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Saturday, September 1, 2012

YG's Jennie Kim swept with rumors even before debut

The buzz name of the morning on Nate Pann was Jennie Kim, the potential YG girl group member and the lead actress in G-Dragon's comeback music video. Like I explained before, k-fandoms aren't as tight knit family wise like i-fandoms are, so VIPs/Blackjacks weren't all too welcoming with the sudden influx of her news in time with G-Dragon's promotions.

During such sentiments, a person claiming to have attended the same school as Jennie Kim briefly in New Zealand came forward with a post detailing that she was a victim of bullying committed by Jennie Kim and her friends, along with a couple yearbook pictures (along with her signature) as photo evidence of her claims.

Below is the original post:


Kim Jennie is an early 96er and I'm a 95er so we were in the same grade in New Zealand. Kim Jennie came to New Zealand to study abroad in elementary school and attended the ACG Parnell College until six months into her third year of junior high school before she returned to Korea to attend a junior high school in Chungdam. She was then cast by YG. Her face was always pretty, I don't think she had any work done since her face is exactly as how I remember it back then.

At the time I was studying abroad in 2010, I was in the same class as her. It hadn't been that long since I had arrived so my English was poor and I became the victim of bullying ostracization by Kim Jennie and her foreign friends. I thought of suicide then because it was so hard to endure. I noticed that the internet is ablaze with T-ara's bullying issue, but in my opinion, Kim Jennie was just as worse, if not more...

Personality wise, everything has to go her way... She'd throw juice, trash, and balls at me and laugh while doing so.. Seeing someone that tortured me in the past preparing to come out on TV as a celebrity as if her past doesn't matter makes me sick. I never used to believe any of the rumors that surrounded other celebrities, but I can see that there wouldn't be smoke without fire now.

I'm not jealous of her fame or her looks or anything.. I admit that she's pretty. I'm also not a Big Bang fan or a fan of any other group - I have no interest in those things. I don't care whether she's in G-Dragon's MV or YG keeps hyping her. My point is, I just want people to see who she really is.


1. [+235, -13] It's not like Yang Hyun Suk would've known what kind of kid she was. He probably chose her because she had the skills, regardless of her past. I really hate the fact that someone that bullied another person can debut because it's so pathetic that they can make someone want to commit suicide so easily and yet they're trying to create a better life for themselves by becoming a singer or actress.. tsk tsk

2. [+201, -7] You need to receive an apology from Kim Jennie... How upsetting it must be to see someone that did something like this to you in the past come out on TV in front of you?

3. [+193, -10] Yang Hyun Suk doesn't look at anything but skill. It's not like he chose her while knowing her personality. Kim Jennie herself should've known not to do it... And it's because people like her that get debuted in the industry give way to possibly becoming the second T-ara.. who knows?


Source: Nate Pann 


To give you another idea of the general sentiment towards Jennie Kim, these are the best replies on another post discussing her past.


1. [+53, -2] The girl that Youngbae posted on Twitter about having a girlfriend was Kim Jennie... and the girl in GD's new MV is Kim Jennie... It's so obvious YG's trying to hype her up ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's pathetic

2. [+52, -2] I really don't like her... Anyone can tell that she's only famous because of her company and Big Bang

3. [+36, -2] Here's a list of YG's pathetic acts

1. It's G-Dragon's song and G-Dragon's music video, but when you search his name, Kim Jennie takes up 2/3 of the information presented. Is Kim Jennie the one singing? YG, hold back on your media play, will you?

2. I wouldn't even care if she was talented, but she can't act at all. She has one or two facial expressions and that's it ㅋㅋㅋ YG keeps saying they added her because she fits the MV but she doesn't and can't act. They should've just called in an actress or model. Or maybe even the other B/W picture mystery girl.

3. GD's comeback in mid-September and the girl group debut is in October ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Back in March, YG said GD would make a comeback in August but they pushed it back a month so they could use him to promote their girl group. GD can't even promote properly because of the delay since it overlaps with the tour!

4. GD's album art looks like it could've been done in five minutes in photoshop.. and yet Kim Jennie's promotional video is hella high qualityㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. YG throwing around media play with GD's name for the new girl group saying GD will be their producer. GD & Big Bang = girl group promoters to YG

6. Yeah, numbers 1 through 5 are all YG's fault and not Kim Jennie's per se but this is why we can't view her in a positive light. The company is just trying too hard to push her into the spotlight at the expense of others.


Source: Nate Pann


  1. "OMG i used to be her classmate and she bullied me
    i have an evidence this piece shit of paper"
    It's easy to say
    spreading hate is like an act of 10 years old
    immature neh

    1. agree .... those who spread hate are just jealous fans because Jennie were able to sit beside GD even act with him <3

  2. the one who spread this "rumor" should show herself
    and we should ask all of her so called classmate if this is real
    I can say "she bullied me before and i'll show my yearbook" but is that statement legit? no
    only wimp and dumb people will believe

  3. is it because bulying is the 'it' destroyer now. LOL
    and YG has all of the hate, as always...

  4. ^
    Bullying is a serious issue in Korea. Alot of people actually commit suicide because of bullying in Asian countries like Korea and Japan. That's why if they hear an idol was a bitch or bully before then people aren't going to take it easy especially since they have to read about students killing themselves everyday.

  5. I don't know if what this person said is true (people shouldn't forget that bullying is very common thing those days) but like netizens mentioned, YG didn't know it, so he's not the one to blame.

    For the promotion, I kinda agree with netizens, the way YG is promoting his new group is very... SM-esque? like EXO's useless appearance in TTS MV and debuting while SHINee was promoting for their comeback. And since I didn't like it... I don't think it's a good point for YG.
    I also agree with the fact that Jennie Kim didn't fit for GD's new MV, she looked way too young and... plain? Even if she's very pretty.

    ANYWAY, I'm very negative here but I actually can't wait for the girls' debut and GD's comeback *_* no regards of what is happening behind the scene ^^

    1. You seriously did not have to mention SM & their new group stuff? -_- like wtf man... They did it bcos they wanted too, snsd are exo sunbaes so might want to help promote their debut withbit or simply for fun? :// i am a vip and blackjack as well as fans of sm artists and some other ppl might be too SO NO NEED IF GETTING SM INVOLVED IN THIS ;(


  7. Excuse me, featuring YG trainees in YG music Video is part of their culture.
    for example. You can see GD and YB at 1TYM Jinusean Music videos
    Park Bom with Lexy GD&TOP
    Dara with Top for Gummy

    1. Ikr, seems like VIPs forget about that~
      It's getting really old~

  8. Being a fan of BIGBANG, I agree that the girl really doesn't suit the MV and she is not a good actress. Her act in the MV had made a bad impression of her on my mind. And Teddy had mentioned her twice on twitter, with GD(If I'm not wrong.). It's so damn awkard and it is obvious that they are using BIGBANG to promote the gril or maybe the group. AND IF SHE/THE GROUP IS REALLY GOOD ENOUGH, THEY WON'T NEED ANY PROMOTION.

    1. Teddy?! Twitter?!

    2. Yeah your comment make sense
      If she's good she will no need promotion
      All fans will be chasing after her like a magnet..

  9. All this hate is sad it's like park bom all over agian.
    And I guess some vips forgot when bigbang performed with se7en and when taeyang was in one of his mv's and when gd featured some older yg artist songs and etc.

  10. It's always something.... ALWAYS. One is never satisfied. Please be healthy with your K-Pop, all the stuff said on here by viewers is the same as bullying a person in real life. Hundreds will turn into thousands all on this one girl. How is that different? On top of it all no one knows of the truth. Stop riding the rumor wave please. It's very lame.

  11. Heh. When is about T-ara everyone believes, when is a about a girl no one even know they don't believe the rumor this time!

    Oooh I see, just T-ara rumors you believe huh?

    When is someone from YG no, it is not possible.

    The girl even showed she did study with her.

    But maybe she is a VIP hating on the girl, who knows.

  12. YG and VIPs are both stupid, VIPs are really mean, and btw YG shouldn't hire arrogant people like her if the bullying thing was true, but he doesn't care since he has GD who is so full of himself.

  13. Lol pls give more detailed proof that she bullied you....i can scratch myself and post online with a caption of "Jenny Kim bullied "..(if im crazy i will do that) Im not saying that I dont believe this girl but her evidence are weak everyone can say that and post jenny kim's picture..

  14. YG promoting new group with their big artist is kinda old tho to be blowed up again~ YG become like that since day one~
    And about the bullying, hmm idk~ since there's no evidence~ we can't judge

  15. I think just her argument alone is convincing. Yearbook pictures may not be very solid evidence but it is evidence that she did attend the same school as her. Bullying among middle schoolers is not that uncommon. I guess the only evidence that she needs to further corroborate her claims is testimony from their classmates.

  16. Kim Jennie could be a bully, who knows?
    and yes, YG is totally promoting her using GDragon/Taeyang/BigBang.

  17. I think it would be hard for her to prove because it sounds like if it were true Jennie was popular and she was not. Her other classmates are unlikely to come forward to say they were part of the group who bullied this girl. Btw, where was this posted? Like where did the girl actually post this claim?

    I thought YG said Jennie Kim was from the Netherlands? This school is in New Zealand? A boarding school or regular? I guess she comes from money.

  18. I don't like to judge people who I don't know personally but the supposed victim's statements seem pretty genuine. I agree that there is a lack of evidence and that anyone can fabricate personal accounts but I have a feeling that that's not the case for this situation. It is unfortunate that the supposed victim had to endure that and she should at least get an apology. I understand that all kpop idols are flawed but if they have seriously wronged anybody in their past, there is no reason why they shouldn't try to make things right.

  19. ^ I AGREE.

    I just LOL at all the other commenters who say that this person is falsely accusing Jennie of bullying. It could or could not be true. What the hell do you know?

  20. ^Yeah, they definitely do not know if it is true or not. I guess people are very skeptical about these kinds of things because netizens like to ruin celebrities by posting false information.

    If it is true, I sincerely hope Jennie's career is not ruined or jeopardized. Many people have done things in their past that they regret; what's important is that they own up to it. I have a feeling that YG's new girl group will become extremely popular in the future and I just hope that (in the scenario that Jennie's personality hasn't changed since) people don't idolize someone like that.

  21. hmmm... not convinced!!! evidence pls.... she might do it but hey only in asian countries that bullying is very serious thing...but in america and europe bullying is a bit common... i dont understand why some people feel bad about jenny promoting by YG... because i know that every artist to debut is being well promoted by their company its just that YG is one of the top company in korea.... YG stan we must support jenny and all YG artist dont be so selfish anyways all credits we give will benefits all of them.....

  22. i lol at the blue background of the id photo. cause in new zealand, every year we always have the same colour background no matter what.

  23. I read past articles about her and it states that she's from Netherlands at first then Australia and now New Zealand?

    Which one is it? -__-

  24. Jennie Kim Fighting, prepare yourself for a whole different thing! I support you, Because I know that everyone on the planet has a dream and deserve a chance to fulfill it, as a Blackjack, and As someone who loves YG music, I can't wait for the debut of the new girl group (something other people should also do) I'll judge the personality when I get to know it well through the media, But for now all I care about it the talent, and Jennie have good potentials, Keep up the good work :D

  25. double standards much...the sad little prove that idiots put through on t-ara bullying hwayoung people believed in it, like seriously i video of boram touching hwayoung's umbrella suddenly means she was destroying it yet someone posts a picture of this jenni person on a year book and says shes bullying her its sudenly bullshit!

  26. I swear some ppl these days are fucking retarded and got nothin better to do than spread rumours. WAT THE HELL DOES TWO PHOTOS SHOWING HER YEARBOOK PHOTOS SAY??? seriously ppl are u actually believing some anonymous person's post?? i remember when one of sistar's members was suspected. AND YEA WAS IT TRUE??? fuckin netizens yg should call the cops and throw their asses in jail. RIDICULOUS.

  27. ONE MORE THING. u ppl talkin bout how YG is using gd to promote her blah blah blah. just stop it. im a vip blackjacks and yg stan but seriously u all dissapoint me so much with your fangirl/boy attitude. like no matter where you go in the world all companies artists help each other. TATS WAT BEING LABELMATES IS ABOUT OKAY??? bb first appeared on se7en's concerts, etc, so VIPs wat r u saying then??? i seriously had it with all the random and absolute bs thats goin on. I WILL SUPPORT THEM AND I WILL BE JUDGING BASED ON THEIR DEBUT AND MUSIC. NOT BE A JEALOUS FAN AND BELIEVE SOME RANDOM POST ON THE INTERNET.

  28. I don't know this girl at all so I cannot form an opinion of her as of yet, so right now in my eyes she may or she may not be a bully. But to all the people who are saying that the supposed 'victim' of bullying should prove it, how exactly does someone prove that they have been bullied? And how exactly does Jennie prove that she isn't a bully? It is in fact extremely difficult to prove bullying unless the bullied had some form of documented evidence, which I very much doubt especially as they were so young. If Jennie was in fact guilty of the bullying I could only hope that she has changed for the better.

  29. LOL at the people who think Jennie Kim is all innocent.
    YG fans are delusional.

  30. Bullying in middle school is very common! I see it too often! Jennie is still very young! She probably matured while training to debut! Its normal for teens to be jerks nowadays! It may not be right but you learn your real self later on in life.

  31. Shame. Even if it was just a rumor, fans shouldn't take the bullying issue lightly. It's not proper to begin with. And please. This overdefensiveness on YG makes every other fan think lowly of you. Grow up. Whining because an article about someone/the company you stan over won't get other people to change their opinion about them. Pitty.

  32. ^ Agree.

    But YG supposedly doesn't focus on looks, just talent. I mean...look at Park Bom...hella plastic, but an average singer.

  33. Not sure if this story is true. I'll just wait to see how this plays out. As for Big Bang they always seem to have to be the ones to promote the new girl groups. They did it for 2ne1 now this group. I don't think its fair to Big Bang. At least let 2ne1 pass the torch to someone.

  34. So this story only interested me because I'm personally from New Zealand where Jennie Kim apparently attended school. It's actually kind of weird to note that I can take a 5 minute bus from my University to get to where she attended school. Anyway, the bullying story seems true from my own personal experiences. From my time in high school in NZ, I've known of many Korean's coming here to learn English and study abroad only to face the kind of bullying you would see in Korea- sometimes even worse. So yeah, not surprised. Not only do they get bullied by non-Koreans, but Korean people alike, it's actually quite sad.

    And as far as people claiming that a yearbook picture doesn't do any justice, well, without it you would've taken it as a bullshit story. In fact I think that having the yearbook picture makes it more legit, I mean, do you think the victim is going to record every instance of bullying she faced? She was suicidal for Christ's sake. And yes, this is a story from one person, but I could easily go over to Parnell college and ask around, I still have a few high School friends from there but whatever, bad shit happens.

  35. wow the people here are really dumb. when netizens accuse t-ara members of being bullies in the past thats ok...but for Jennie its immature and pathetic to accuse her of sth like this. if she bullied someone,there is no excuse for apologize <.< now i have a neutral feeling towards her, i liked her T.T

  36. I knew Jennie Kim too, I remember her being mean to her homestay 'friend', Sara. I stayed away from her so I can't really say whether she really is a bully or not but whenever people over here who know her talked bout her it'd always be oh Jennie, the bitch ? But I guess she's just got a strong personality which is probs what yg likes in her lol most people who pursue a dream like this needs to have a little sth in them that can get them on top. Oh and a little more goss from an nz-er who knew her, she used to go out with a guy called changhyun and another guy called Jason but that was for like 2 weeks max so dunno if that counts.

  37. why is yg trying so hard to cover it up if she wasn't a bully..

  38. This is so stupid, why such a big deal the girl hasn't even debuted yet!!!! The stories probably have truth in them because if not, why would they exist? But seriously she's not in your life to bully you now so stop hating!

  39. I see, the evidence is strong enough for me. but here, please dont bash anyone. bullying is a general secret these days. alot stories of bullying have been spread out.
    But please do remember, that time, Jennie was only on elementary or junior high school. she MIGHT really that kind of bad kiddo, but she MIGHT have a better personality now, esp bcoz she got trained by YG. everybody CAN change. everybody makes mistakes.
    I ask each of you then, have you never done bad thing to the others?? can you guarantee it? maybe you didnt do bully, but you might hurt someone inside their heart, so does jennie.
    About the promotion, yeah YG is a bit too... over maybe. but MANY other idols have been promoted on that kind of way too.
    I'm here as a neutral. I'm not a VIP, but I'm not a hater too. I just want everybody stay calm and stop saying bad things about the others. if you keep spreading bad things, bad words, then YOU're the one who are BAD, just like the young jennie.
    Sorry if I made a mistake :)

  40. it's me again who gave a comment on Sept 9, 6:45 AM.
    I just wanna say that I'm AGREE with:
    -Anonymous (September 3, 2012 12:47 AM)
    -Anonymous (September 2, 2012 10:15 PM)
    and esp:
    -Anonymous (September 2, 2012 6:47 PM)

    Guys, please calm down and dont let your head being burnt with this rumor. I'm SURE, bigbang, 2ne1, or other gb/bb.. if they see your bash comment, they will be disappointed. Stop being harsh and check yourself first.
    Why dont we just wait their debut and see if Jennie would apologize. If she does it, the victim should better forgive her. Well I say, thinking about suicide is really STUPID. I have a very BAD life but remember, the one who can end our life is GOD.
    so, dont throw all your anger to Jennie nor YG.

  41. I feel like the only way to solve this problem is if she makes a public announcement apologizing for her past actions. Bullying is still bullying. It doesn't get justified just because u didn't know better. This jennie girl left a permanent scar and psychological trauma to the other girl! and who knows she might still be the same girl who bully other people

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  43. I have neutral opinion for this news....=.=
    Not familiar with this girl in familiar as an idol.
    Well...I guess that's the reason why the new YG girl group haven't debut.

    Muahaha...YG just released a new video of hers. It brought me here.

  44. wow wtf...... -.- jeny kim is a bully...... ok so like when i was in elementary, her "friends" (there were like my best friends untill that ***************** stoled it -_- and jeny builed me... i was rely depresed nd i tred to kil myself -__- until jason ( her boyfriend for 20 minutes) came up 2 me nd was like "r u ok??" i said yes :).. later on we be came gf and bf and jenny was jealous!!! she told me back off he my bf and i was like u were only with him for 20 minutes. she ripped off my hair and i cried.. also my ex friends laughed at me and tripped me to... and then i fell into mud. -__- ugh pls spread this if u read this !!! jeuni kum is a bully!!!

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  46. ♠ Seo In Guk's Wife ♠January 23, 2013 at 3:18 AM

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    people please grow UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  58. The irony of all this is that she's not even that good lol

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  67. I Have never heard of her (dont go to school in that area or live there soo.. i may have some friends that used to be in her class or school whatever). some people are stupid because this stuff happens but honestly that bad until someone was suicidal ? WOW. also i am sorting of half believing in this story - does this person have friends that they wanna tell or witness this? i hate bullying.

  68. You've forgotten that everyone behaves, believes and reacts differently. Not everybody is strong and you expect everyone to get over it? Good for you that you made it through but don't expect everybody to act exactly like you.

  69. Jennie Kim has bad english to! She has no right to pick on another kid for having bad english. Shame on you Jennie Kim! I will never listen to your music again!

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  72. tbh idk how Jennie Kim is like in reality but there is just one fact: likeability is the most important point that determines whether an artist is going to be successful or not. if people dont like you you can be as good as you like it wont get you anywhere

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  76. For me her face was okay acceptable
    Not as much as SM artist that's why she's in YG...==
    why YG should promote her n her group that much if they or she is talented..
    I believe that if they were talented enough they could attract a lot of fans like others...
    N if the bully was right.. Then too bad ...
    I'm actually Putting myself into Jennie Kim 's shoes and the victim's shoes...

    If I am Jennie Kim I will be shame and shy of myself in front of the public .. Idk if she was thick skin or wad
    But for me I'll be shame..
    If the bully wasn't true .. It will really hurt me.. It must be my enemies in school who did that...

    If I am the victim... I'll be really angry and upset that Jennie Kim whom had bullied me badly could have a good luck to get into the big 3 companies..

    That's what I'm saying..
    Anw I'm not Jennie Kim fan... And I don't think she improve I prefer her 1st video than the last updated ones...
    Btw I could hear If the person rap was good or not...

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  78. Even if she was a bully.. As long as we all live well, now. We shouldn't be defined by our past decisions, only the decisions we make now or in the near future.

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  80. hahaha first time i've ever seen somebody become famous for being a bitch

  81. she's such an asshole ae

  82. sigh bitches these days being mean to their own race..what has the world come to

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  84. that was just to show that they went to the same school, if there wasnt that picture no one would even think of believing it

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  104. Lol you need to go out into the world and open your smallass asian eyes. There are shitloads of stories out there about teenagers suiciding because of bullying because yes, it can be that fucking bad. Might sound stupid without coming across it before, but once you're in that shit, I'd like to see what you think.

  105. Same goes with Australia

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  130. Woah calm down. Of course not EVERYONE can act like her/him. they're just saying not to make assumptions on the person who hasn't debuted yet or we don't even know yet. I to was bullied and it was THAT bad. Saying stuff to them like "Good for you that you made it through" is abit disrespectful to the person. just saying.

  131. what I realized from this article. wow, jennie studied in New Zealand before.

  132. There's all kind of people around the world and not everyone on earth is nice. There must be people with bad personality. Yet, bullying is not a good thing and the things you did will follow you forever. Especially for idols, although some people wouldn't care about their idol's personality, still, more people would not like idols with bad personality.

    Jennie may be very talented, but if her personality has problem, then YG family should really hire an etiquette teacher to fix her personality, teaching her how to hold her temper and knowing the very basic respects toward others. Trying to present Jennie on screen, through tons of information will not change her. On the other hand, it will actually make her to become intensified on bullying because she will think that YG family will use whatever they can to cover up her rumors and scandals. YG is not helping her but destroying her.

    Many people are excited for the deput of YG's new girl group. But if Jennie doesn't change, then this group will not succeed.

    This is comment is not for blaming Jennie. I just wonder what her future will be whether she changes or not....and also whether YG's decision will succeed themselves or not......

  133. Not agreeing with the previous post but in case you didn't notice, most people here can't spell. Take the third post from the top for example - I'm still not sure what it's trying to say -.-

  134. I went to school with Jennie Kim and I have to say I was shit scared of her. One of my best friends used to get bullied by her for being 'ugly' and 'fat' and for having 'bad English' but the thing is, my friend was none of that. I really hate Jennie for making my friends high school years hell and for lowering her self esteem so much that she tried to commit suicide multiple times. Thank god that she seemed help and now knows that she was none of what Jennie used to torture her for.

  135. but shes not even that pretty I swear , more like chubby face average LOL

  136. I don't believe she bullied anyone, this person is clearly making up nonsense. Maybe you bullied her and are too still continuing it.

  137. If you were really bullied to the point you wanted to suicide, then you wouldn't be posting this rant and showing it to the public. You are clearly doing this out of envy and jealousy. Also you talk about big bang, gd, yg which is fair enough. But then you mention t-ara and the bullying scandal, which most of the world/ people don't know of. So you have clearly done your research. Also you released this rant around the ssame time to as tara just to cause trouble.
    Plz go home

  138. This comment shows how ignorant and stupid you are

  139. Mariela MontellanoJuly 30, 2013 at 3:47 AM

    why would someone joke about suiciding? fucking seriously?

  140. wheres the proof that she bullied her? posting her old high school pic doesnt mean shit. The story is more like, she got jealous of her success, spread the rumors and some dumb idiots actually believed it.

  141. Sorry, but to clear up, not ALL YG fans are delusional... I am a VIP and a Blackjack.. But me and my friends, we all think that there's something about this Jennie girl.. I read on some blogs that Kim Eun Na is eliminated few months ago, and personally I think it's absurd how she's eliminated while Jennie is debuting.. Now seeing this article, it makes things even worse.. I mean, yes, there are lots of YG fans who seemed like they don't know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. But please, don't put up stereotype like that.. There are also people who would agree with me and my friends in between the other 'creepy' YG fans..

  142. Herbert FitzherbertAugust 20, 2013 at 12:50 AM

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I read this today wondering who she was... O_O Two wrongs don't make a right, most of you are bullying a teenage girl because of something she did at school. No one would've known about if another girl hadn't gone out of her way to get revenge. I was bullied in highschool, but you don't see me going around telling everyone. If you are unable to forgive and forget then you will turn into a bitter human being, seeking to hurt someone else for your own satisfaction.

    She shouldn't have bullied the girl, but if the girl honestly felt that way and wanted people to know, she should have gone to the police and have told them what was happening. It's not her job to tell everyone what Jennie Kim is like... plus... how would she know what Jennie Kim is really like if she was only bullied? O_o I never understood how someone being mean it is automatically counted as their real personality. Family would probably know her best would they not?

    Soooooo since she is going to be a YG Artist (And they are entitled to promote their new group and believe it or not it is allowed and common to use more famous people to promote it.) you should like her for her music... not her personality? Since believe it or not... the personality that an artists promotes with... is not always real. I hope I haven't shocked you to reality. :(

    I just don't think you would like it if someone said bad things about you. :o So why do it to someone else? :) Oh and the people thinking it's their right to a public apology... try and explain why you need the apology? Did she bully you? Have you even met her? It's none of your business you incredibly nosey human beings. The girl who claims bullying should contact her agency herself or report it to police and request a private apology, she wouldn't be posting these things if Jennie Kim wasn't famous and it's clear it didn't bother her all that much if she's only now bringing it up AFTER Jennie Kim is a YG artist... especially since if the girl said she didn't care about K-Pop or anything... so it wouldn't have exactly come up in casual internet searches of her everyday life, she would've searched for it.

  143. ...Not to pop your cute little bubble, but what does it matter even if she's a bully? Do you even understand that being an idol is a profession and most likely she's working her ass out in training right now? It's not like bullies cannot accomplice their dreams or something. And worry not, whenever you bring misfortune to others, it always comes
    back at you (although coming back at her from fangirls that are being
    too nosy and that have no sense of the word privacy makes the Kpop
    fandom lose face).Of course, whether or not she is a bully is, to me at least, not confirmed by stuff like that.

    Btw, I've been a victim of bullying for a year. The difference is that when it started escalating, I told them they were being total d*cks and no matter what they said I didn't give a f*ck and they stopped. The only people who bully are those who are extremely insecure about their life and have no self confidence, so, when they make something look lower than them, they get this sense of superiority that makes them forget their insecurities. Pitiful people in my opinion. If you make them realize that they are being unnecessarily negative and.. well immature and mean towards you then they stop.

    By the way, I could care less about Jennie Kim's personal life. The fact that I might download her songs in the future is irrelevent to the fact that she was/is a bully. And just so you know, I'm a SHAwol and although I really like YG Artists if I had to choose I would say I'm SM biased. So, this is not a biased opinion.

  144. Its like all the anonymous users commenting on here came from new zealand and were pass classmates with her all coincidentally.

  145. Bom love blackjacksSeptember 2, 2013 at 1:05 PM

    so what if shes a part of the mean girls? its not like we can do anything about it LOL :-) people can change.. haha

  146. I agree that things aren't looking very good for her social status, but that last statement is a low blow, seriously. I know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is overused, but you really shouldn't. I mean who knew Kyuhyun was the evil (but still adorable and really hot coughcough) maknae that he is. A person's appearance doesn't necessarily define who they are.

  147. get ur spellings right

  148. Haiz, i dont know why people hate her so much. Is it really because of her bullying or because you just dont like her ? If she really did that to her friends, it was bad but it doesnt mean we can't forgive her ( if she has changed). I was born in 1996 like her , and i did bad things in past like her. Now when i think about my mistake, i'm truly sorry. I believe that Jennie may feel the same. Moreover, nowadays bullying is really popular in schools, just because she's gonna be famous so we judge her too much. Remember, she was too young then, she might choose the wrong way.
    If she's changed now, i hope people should forgive her.

  149. yeah it's ridiculous. why would you bully someone and even one of your own race?

  150. not always though. many people dislike chris brown, yet he is still successfull with his music.

  151. we shouldnt believe or NOT believe the rumors. but, what i found weird is that:
    if these were completely false rumors, wouldnt YG take legal action against reputational damage??? and wouldnt they make a statement that jennie kim is innocent and the victim is making things up ??? just my thoughts...

  152. it's only three people, it's really that hard to believe

  153. well do you expect this person to have a picture of her bullying people? ._. you're so quick to make a judgement, but if someone has a different judgement they're suddenly dumb idiot? you're probably another one of those dumb idiots too then

  154. People, you are talking only about actually don't even know if it's true...but that's ok. You all can take your time hating and bashing a person you don't even know. Pessimism kills you faster, you know. :)

  155. i know some people who are bitches on the outside, but they're actually really nice. maybe jennie mght be one of them?

  156. YG uses GD to promote them as well as he used Se7en to promote GD and Big Bang. That's just how the industry works, unfortunately. Most people are really close to new things, so you have to do a hella lot of promotion for it to stick around and, trust me, YG wants all his groups to stick around for as long as they can.

    But I do agree with the 'feeling' when you look at Jennie and I agree. I won't hate on her, I don't even know the chick and saying bad things is doing the same thing as she supposedly did, but I saw some of her stuff and I can't seem to swallow her as well...

  157. Amanda Bynes.

  158. Karma's a Bitch... It will always come and bite you back.

  159. I completely agree with you yet the comments further down made me
    realize all this talk about Jennie Kim; trying to say she is or is not a
    bully they are all becoming bullies themselves. Saying oh she is ugly
    and what not... can't everyone just see that by saying and trying to
    prove something is actually all ironic?

    And how is she ugly? I
    think she is unique, and if she did bully yes that is bad. Everyone has
    done bad things even though it hasn't been highlighted in their life. I
    think everyone should pay attention to the positives, that your life is
    better because you learned about the situation.

    And move on or
    learn from it. I also hope Jennie understands the wrongs (if this is
    true) that she committed and will not do it any longer.

    Fact Did
    you know YG also as a kid was the one who was a trouble maker? But we
    do not focus on that anymore instead we focus on the positives. Do that
    with everyone you meet and your life will be much more peaceful. I'm
    sorry if you were bullied in any way, it is a very difficult life to

  160. um what? Amanda Bynes was already famous LOOOOOOOOOONG before she started acting the way she is now. Have you never watched The Amanda Show or All That when growing up?

  161. Not really, no. But again, I'm not one to watch a lot of telly, so I'm sorry about the misconception. I really though she became famous because of her obnoxious behaviour. Well, nevertheless, she still a "bitch". (:

  162. lol what are you trying to say

  163. I agree that's the same thing but the difference between Park Bom and this girl is that Bom's personality is beautiful unlike Jenny's..

  164. look a hater right here :)) "average singer " if you don't like a singer voice that doesn't mean everyone thinks the same kid..

  165. First i agree what Jenny did was wrong but still the girl has the skills of a performer and most celebrities aren't nice people, perhaps jenny has changed as well but all we can judge her about is her skill as a performer and i think she is a great singer and look forward to her debut

  166. I really don't see what makes her stand out. My friends and I here in Toronto think she isn't pretty and her voice is mediocre. Two of them are Korean and all seven of us do musical theater; she really isn't anything special.

  167. kim kardashian HOLLAAA

  168. they were just trying to say jennie is a hyprocrate

  169. but this time around, there are year books and multiple accounts with similar stories to prove it

  170. ...because there's actually proof this time?

  171. lol u r really stupid, if you don't understand the comment above you, Go study english more before trying to use it!

  172. I am 34 years old and a school ELA teacher for 8th graders... I studied English Mrs. Gabriella.

  173. what a weird teacher, how come your name account sounds like 10yrs old kid!!! LOL
    GOTCHA LIAR!!! stupid

  174. 2ne1 got plagiarized by a cuban artist but they didn't take action btw so why would a bullying rumor get any attention ._.

  175. i wouldn't be surprise if she got picked on once by Jennie but I have a feeling this girl is exaggerating....

  176. dude, no one cares about spellings as long as its true! so shut your fucking mouth! :P

  177. Loool I really agree with the statement made about jennie kim, because it is actually true. The girl who wrote a hate message about jennie kim actually went to ACG parnell college and actually, she was one of my friend's friend. I knew jennie Kim as well, she was my friend and we used to be HELLA close xD since childhood til she left to south korea. She bullied me a lot of times - she was mean to me (like giving me a chewing gum that she already chewed) but then shows her fake-nice side to her other, better friends. fuck her. karma is shitting u up jennie. Im done here bye!

  178. weird these people have the same name as my sister and i except I'm not mean to her, or anyone... unless i have to be.

  179. I really like G-Dragon's Black ft. Jennie Kim.... But after reading this I can't listen to it the same way. I don't want to listen this girl sing ever again.

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