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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Viewers divided over Gil's possible exit from 'Infinity Challenge'

 Reader requests.


Article: 'Infinity Challenge' cancels 27th recording... Discussing Gil's return

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+482, -133] So upset with what happened... They should have spread news about the concert first as much as they could because I'm sure if they communicated with the fans more, the ticket prices wouldn't have gotten this controversial.. ㅜㅜ Instead of finding who to blame, I hope they resolve everything so the members can get back to filming happily!

2. [+369, -191] I really have nothing to say to all of the commenters here... None of you have the right to tell anyone to comeback or not.. I'd rather you guys not comment at all because this whole thing is a result of all you dogtizens. Hateful b@stards..

3. [+322, -195] To all of the people asking for Gil back, would you still have wanted him back if he had announced his leave to focus on his music career? No, you would all be jumping with joy...


Article: Gil reveals feelings first time after his leave from 'IF', "The sun will rise tomorrow"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+533, -188] You guys are going to hate on him again if he comes back and isn't funny to your standards. The funny thing about our country is that they're always the one starting problems and once it gets big enough that drastic things like this happen, they act like they weren't involved and start shifting the blame to a scapegoat that no one can identify like "netizens". Then where did all those people that started the problem go? It's disgusting how you guys are all acting like you care about Gil right now

2. [+446, -244] It's going to be hard for the members to film happily in a situation like this.. How sorry and frustrating it must be for them to watch Gil try to take the blame for all of this on his shoulders. He should use his friends for times like this.. why is he taking all of the weight himself..? If he really does leave the show, I don't think I'll be comfortable watching 'IF' again...

3. [+118, -84] Just leave the show. Honestly, Gil wasn't any fun to watch. Although his reason for leaving isn't the ideal way anyone would want, I think it's right that he leaves. It's the same idea as idols and singers trying to act when they don't have the skills for it. Gil doesn't have the skills for variety. Just go back to your place in music and work hard. Don't try to make it work when you can't because it's upsetting to watch.


Article: 'Running Man' without Gary, recording did not take place

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+737, -47] There is no Running Man without Gary!~

2. [+610, -45] Gary-ssi, don't lave ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I love all of your lines, it's so funny huhuhu

3. [+573, -50] Please come back. Ignore the hate.



  1. they should just take a little time off and then comeback, I believe. Because, this matter won't just die off overnight.

    I lol'ed with the "dogtizens" though

  2. dogtizens..liking the new word

  3. i'm still wondering why is Gil really hate being on IF?

    1. gil never hates being on ic. everyone can see how much he loves the show and a part of yooneunim cult. it's the viewers who hate on him because they think of him "someone who just bring a spoon in a table prepared with full dish"... yeah, smh, ic 'fans'.

  4. pfft, i'm sure the last comment is made and voted by butthurt gil haters who always post malicious comments on ic viewer board. even when he's doing funny stuffs, they always see it with hatred view that they criticize it. when he's trying to help the casts to make a big concert, establishing company and buying a building for their practice, those haters again criticize him as money digger. not only they flood viewer board and nate, they also post their vicious words to them in twitter. fck off. why can't they get over this? i think gil is doing really okay in other variety shows, it's ic viewers hating on his every scene that he's not "suitable" for ic. just leave this kind of people, gil. they don't know how to value you. you should just go to another show.

    netizenbuzz, can you also translate the comment for lee sugeun, kim jongmin, and eun jiwon new variety show with ex-1n2d staffs (who are also reply 1997 staffs ^^)? i heard there're some btchng about kim jongmin again. ugh. kim jongmin is super funny before army, of course he needs adjustment, and right when he tried to adjust himself he got tons of criticsm to the point of petition of removing him from the casts... by whom? yes, by this so called fans.

    i've been wondering, how long they intend to keep yoo jaesuk, kang hodong, and shin dongyup? eventually they'll get old and these younger variety guys are the ones who will be the next 'nation mcs'. if they kept killing everyone's potential, hating on every new member or member who's coming out from military service without a break, how can they get another talents? they just killed them when they tried to adjust themselves. twitter is like a double edged sword, these younger variety talents should just ignore them and move on... can they? i know haha also got tons of hate comments back then, but he eventually able to overcome it. gil, gary, kim jongmin, and other variety show talents, fighting~!!!

  5. TBH Gil and Gary are not that important for the shows.

  6. haters and stupid people are everywhere, not only in Asia. Just look at AKP forums -__-

  7. lol Gary is actually very relevant to Running Man. It's not like when Joongki and Lizzy left. Running Man has gone over 100 episodes, all the characters are set (and Gary was just beginning to drift from the Monday Boyfriend role), relationships too, and fans got attached. I do think it'll hurt Running Man, just like Lee Chunhee and Park Yejin leaving Family Outing affected the show.

  8. Don't leave, Gary.... T__T

  9. Gary doesn't have great character in RM. It's Jaesuk, HaHa and Kwangsoo who often save the show. Stop fangirling him. Crazy fangirl, if you love him, let him free

  10. I think some people here don't even know Gary is relevant in Running Man! Just because he talks less than others doesn't mean he has no character . For someone like me who have been watching RM since the first ep and never miss one, Gary's absent is going to leave a huge hole in RM. For instance, his absent for a couple eps due to his back injury, the show was so boring and it lacks something. No Monday couple, no calm Gary, no lessang music playing. Gary has been with RM for so long, unlike Lizzy and Joongki , whose departure left no big mark to the show, but Gary...I don't think I will ever see RM the same again without Gary.