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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Could Gil be 'forced' to return to Infinity Challenge?

Thought the first best reply was hilarious!


Article: Leessang Gil, seems likely that he will be 'forced to return' to 'Infinity Challenge'

Source: OSEN via Nate

The article is about how the producers and his co-stars are postponing the recordings just to try and convince him to change his mind. The reporter states that if Gil doesn't return to the show, he'd still be causing obstacles for them so at this point, it'd be easier to just 'forcibly return' since it's the lesser of two extremes.

1. [+2,933, -375] I'd like to watch a 'Force Gil to Return' special on the show. The team can follow wherever Gil goes with cameras and be like, "Gil, what a coincidence! What brings you here?" (Replies to this reply: "Genius!", "This would be hilarious, I'd watch it no matter what", "Imagine if they even followed him into the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋ",  and "I can already imagine Yoo Jaesuk saying that line!"

2. [+1,666, -318] I really wonder why people thought they had any right to force them to donate proceeds even before the concert was held. They're not a charity business, they don't have to do anything. They're just trying to act all charitable when really all they want are free tickets

3. [+1,57, -660] Comeback confidently, Gil!!! You did nothing wrong so why are you acting as if you are in the wrong!! The only people in the wrong are the reporters and the pathetic keyboard warriors!!! Come back and show us you having fun on the show again...

4. [+207, -119] Just leave the show ㅡㅡ

5. [+198, -124] Honestly, he doesn't fit 'Infinity Challenge'. Just leave the show and pursue better music.

6. [+184, -86] Gil is amazing as a part of Leessang... but Gil is not so much as a part of 'Infinity Challenge'. Departing from whether or not the concert was right or wrong, I think it's better for Gil to leave.

7. [+181, -84] Even before this controversy came up, I wasn't too much of a fan of Gil in 'Infinity Challenge'... Although it's upsetting that he's leaving in a crappy situation like this, I am in favor of him leaving the show.

8. [+173, -100] You should only leave the show if you did something wrong. He did not do anything wrong, there were just a lot of misunderstandings. Anyone telling him to leave the show should just admit that they hate him.

9. [+164, -54] He'll only get more hated if he changes his decision again. He shouldn't have said he was going to leave in the first place;; It was wrong of him to put his emotions before logic. He should've thought it over more carefully...

10. [+142, -78] Why say you're going to leave if you're going to change your mind... He made a rash decision... I'm against his return~ What's the point of returning?



  1. erghmagerd!
    knetizens are soooo meannnn, telling people to do this and that.
    state your opinion i don't mind but telling people what to do, i got some problem with that. artist are not netizens' puppet
    im so frustrated with em' knetizens

  2. is infinity challenge really a good show? can someone tell me what it's about? th only Korean variety I fell in love with is running man, oh my gosh I can't stop rewatching :D are they alike?

  3. ^^ I haven't seen many episodes, but from what I hear its just as good if not better than Running Man. The thing is that it doesn't get translated as quickly or as consistently as RM so not as many English-speaking fans follow it.

  4. ^ I don't watch IC as much as RM, but it is funny. It's got some of the best mcs/gagmans on the show.

  5. ^ Okkayyy my comment was for the second person. LOL

  6. Gil has been through a lot because of IC, he has received a ton of negative comments from the fans of the show over the years (not random netizens on Nate, but from real IC fans on the message boards), he's been working his ass off to be a valuable addition to this show but he never managed to win the fans over
    His situation is only comparable to Jongmin's on 1n2d (I mean the constant hate no matter what he does)
    I genuinely like Gil, I can't stand to watch him suffer anymore so I hope he doesn't come back and is free of this fuckery
    IC guys should be way more supportive in this situation but that's just my opinion

  7. He must be hurt by those Knetizen..fighting oopa!!

  8. Infinity challenge is a show that has no regular format unlike all other variety shows. they can do whatever they wants and as an audience you will never know what will the next episode be like.

    they have done many big challenges.a more recent example is rowling. the members have been training for 6 months to participate in the international rowling festival last year. it is not a show just fun, when they reached the finishing line, you almost wanna cry with yoo jae suk and other members who, in their late 30s and 40s, devolted all their energy to the competition.

    and what makes the show so special is that what the members said will weigh a lot in IC. for example the haha vs roh hong chul special was started back in a certain episode that the members were travelling on a bus and haha and rhc started arguing which one should be hyung and which one should be dongseng though they are known to be the same-age friends. and because of their discord on the hyung-dongseng issue, the crew held a special event in a stadium with 3000+ audience two months later as a competition between the two of them. the competition included some of the most idiotic but hilarious games which were suggested by the members themselve and also the audience. back in 2010, yoo jae suk, roh hong chul and jung hyung don went to alaska to find a man called kim xx( i cant remember exactly) just because a make up story told by yjs months ago telling them that there was a man called kim xx in alaska. and as a result the pd asked them to find that person out as a punishment.

    some pds from other shows have said that IC is a show that every pds want to join because it do not has any restrains and any formats to follow like other shows. here, you can make all your ideas possible to come true. if you think rm members have a strong bonding, then IC is really like a family that they will openly talk about their families and personal things. they are not afraid to show their goods and bads to the audience. (i rmb once the pds spent a lot on a zombie special episode in which they found many actors to a building and dressed like zombies. the mission of IC members is to find out a bottle of gases that can save them but at the same time not to be attacked by the zombies. as the production team spent a lot on the setting, they expected they can film long enough for a whole episode. but unexpectedly, it only takes the members less than 30 mins to finish the challenge. with so much spending on it and so little air time came out, the pd had to write a report to mbc to explain it and they were also mocked by the IC members for setting up a way too easy challenge for them. you can see how honest they are and how unscripted the show is.)

  9. Hi! Could you perhaps translate an article about the injunction filed by Stardom Ent. against Miss $?

  10. the "damned if you do, damned if you dont" saying fits really well as it usually does with this kind of issues including crazy netizens.... if he really leaves, the IC people would feel bad, fans would be sad too and if he stays... people will continue flamming him because he said he would go but stayed... *sigh* hope people stop bitching and let the guy alone.. same with Gary oppa...

  11. I agree with the netizens. I never thought he was funny and honestly think he should stick to music.

  12. If they return it's going to be awkward no matter what

  13. did you guys really read the main point of this article? It was the first comment! Don;t bother with the other commnet.
    The first comment was absolutely funny,..yet serious and can be done. Its a winning situation to both sides.

  14. do the first comment~!!!! haters can just fck off.

  15. if I wanted to watch IC now what would be the best episode for me to start? I wouldn't want to start halfway when they're characters are set. and do anyone know where it's available! eng sub? thanks guys!

  16. netizenbuzz~~~~ i love youuuuu~~~ gil and gary will still stay in ic and rm, so i love you (?). hahaha. can you translate k-netizens response about that? i love love love you~~ muhahaha.

    anyway, this is harmless for gary, but i think that isn't the same case with gil. he probably gains few more haters... ._. fighting, gil~!

    @^ ah, i started midway and i think it's okay and not that hard to relate. there aren't much eng sub, ddd fansub has softsub, but locating old raw vids would be extremely hard. especially since megaupload is gone.... T.T

    1. oh yeah, ithetimes also have several old episodes, but it'd be really hard if you want to watch all episodes... that one with kim tae hee is hilarious. it's the first episode i watched. xD

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