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Friday, August 17, 2012

Dangerous 'T-ara Game' takes on popularity among elementary school students

This was the #1 fear for netizens since day one, and it's finally arose. T-ara's controversy has become a societal one, as it's been revealed that a new game called the 'T-ara Game' has been earning popularity among elementary school students, and it's anything but child's play.

Full article from the Chosun below.


Twenty-four year old college student 'A' was recently surprised when checking the smartphone of her nine year old niece.

While reading her niece's KakaoTalk messages, she found several correspondances with threats of ostracization and bullying, with comments like, "You're the outcast now so you have to do everything we say", "Hey, are you crazy? Reply right now if you don't want to die", and "You have to carry my bag tomorrow".

Shocked, 'A' immediately asked her niece what she was doing. The niece replied back, "We're playing the 'T-ara Game'. *** is the outcast right now."

When asked why she was playing such a game, the niece replied simply that it was for fun. 'A' immediately began lecturing the child on how hurt the other person must feel, but the niece only answered, "But if I don't do this, I'm going to be the outcast."

The game has taken widespread popularity among elementary school students. Children will pick one of their friends to be the designated outcast who must then be tortured by their friends through various means like hateful messages on KakaoTalk. Anyone that doesn't comply with the game is then chosen as the outcast.


Source: Chosun


  1. Wow, the T-ara game? are you kidding me?? This is too much, isn't it?

  2. Seriously this is bad... So its really big deal to show ideal behaviour on idols since they are easily copied by elementary student... Sad...

  3. WTF!!!!

    Listen up parents out there!!
    Please watch out your kids. Do not blame idols why your kids being immoral in their daily life.Blame yourself because you failed to be a good role model to your own blood.

  4. Not to mention, this would never have gotten blown this far out if it had not been for speculating netizens.

    Remember fellas, most of the "proofs" of this bullying scandal have been either wrong or outright false.

    1. Wrong or outright false?
      Does that not mean the same thing...?
      LMAO You have no proof they were false except KKS and T-tanic denying accusations. And of course they would deny because they everything to lose so there words mean little to me other them trying to save there buts.

  5. What is this.
    Does this really happen in real life? Sorry but this is so ridic that I actually find it funny.
    Just.. What? Lol

  6. Bullying was already an issue with kids in Korea. Alot of suicides were caused by it
    They're just decided to "play a game" about it since the T-ara scandal is so huge.

    Wangta is what this passive method of bullying is call in Korea.

  7. T-ara! I don't wish you guys ill but........karma is b*itch!!

  8. i think those students are retarded and thats not any T-ara game(that´s the excuse, so stupid that i don´t even believe it) it is school bulling that had been happening since ever and in every country since the grandparents of our grandparents or even more.

    STOP puting T-ara name like if this is the first time someone hears that bulling word,that the own netizens put into this problem and there
    isn´t any real proove.
    now everyone show this as if society is so innocent and T-ara are corrupting society, sure jails in korea are totally empty.

    this girls had never been showing any kind of bad behaiviour, but they are humans, why do they have to be angels , perfect engels and people was so stupid to think that they never argued living together? like in any other family?

  9. A nine year old w/ a smartphone LOL

  10. omg! this is too much!! Korea society is not as perfect as they want to make us see


    The NETIZENS should be the ones to be blamed for fabricating stories, photos and video clips taken out of context just to destroy T-ara.

    Bullying exists everywhere in the world since time immemorial. The concept is not new anymore.
    Dragging T-ara's name in this situation is absolutely irresponsible and uncalled for, and definitely immature and disgraceful.

    The PARENTS and GUARDIANS of these students should also be blamed for not teaching their children good values.

    Just because there are malicious rumors going around about the occurrence of bullying within T-ara DOES NOT ENTITLE THEM TO DIVERT ALL THE BLAME to idols or celebrities accused of bullying.

    If these children's parents/guardians properly taught their children good values, they would not be easily swayed by these kinds of malicious rumors and accusations against idols/celebrities.

  12. Seriously... "This was the #1 fear for netizens since day one, and it's finally arose" is absolutely an INACCURATE and TWISTED statement...
    - The NETIZENS themselves, cropped those photos and video clips and created stories to embellish them with the bullying theory and jumped to conclusions based on misinterpretations;
    - the NETIZENS posted all those hateful, degrading and below-the-belt comments without knowing both sides of the story;
    - the NETIZENS did not give T-ara some space or respect about the sensitive issue and continued pounding insults and malicious theories;
    - the NETIZENS unjustly prejudged them and destroyed their reputation by only believing what they want to believe--that bullying occurred-- without even giving them the benefit of the doubt;
    - the NETIZENS created so much noise and blew everything out of proportion.
    - Sadly, THE NETIZENS divert all the blame to the idols without any fair fight. T-ara cannot fairly and properly defend themselves from the accusations of a gazillion NETIZENS who just sit behind computers bashing them 24/7 while enjoying the comforts of anonymity. Where is fairness here? None.

    In this age of technology, even children have access to the internet and can easily be affected by the statements/activities of NETIZENS. Once a tampered and wrongful information is spread online, it can affect and influence anyone especially children. But with proper guidance of the parents, guardians and teachers, they would be able to differentiate what is right and wrong, what to follow and what not to follow.

    Before we point to T-ara as the culprit/root cause behind these children's bullying games, we should try to reflect on how these children got to know about the T-ara bullying issue in the first place-- through NETIZENS.

    The NETIZENS ridicule and put T-ara in an unfair trial by malicious publicity UNDER THE GUISE OF CONDEMNING BULLYING. But honestly, instead of just condemning bullying, the NETIZENS CYBERBULLIED T-ara, and even allowed the issue to escalate and blow out of proportions... that the young minds of the improperly guided children were easily contaminated... and eventually, these children participated in bullying. Yes, NETIZENS, look at what you have done. Are you heroes for condemning bullying by condemning T-ara as well? No. You just helped and contributed in SPREADING and DISSEMINATING the CONCEPT OF BULLYING to children who probably did not even know about bullying before or did not experience it before, but now they do. Because of the bad publicity and the hype which NETIZENS themselves created, the NETIZENS just increased the probability of bullying among the youth.

    Seriously, NETIZENS, you can't cure a social cancer by spreading the cancer cells yourselves, and conveniently blaming idols and celebrities just to deny that you yourselves contributed and participated in aggravating the disease.

    Note: I used the term "NETIZENS" here to refer to ONLY those who participated in posting and spreading the T-ara malicious rumors online and even posted hateful and insulting remarks.

    Peace out. :)

  13. Can you do the one about changmin and kyunhun kissing taemin? I just want to know what they think of all the kissing SM has done lately~

    1. I was gonna ask for this one too!!
      International fans reactions are pretty mixed...

  14. I guess Idol is really a big thing in Korea......

  15. PSHHHHH. T-ara brought all of this out themselves. If they kept their dirty comments off the internet, this wouldn't have happened in the first place.
    You can blame netizens, and you can also blame the parents, but the biggest blame is the source, and that's T-ara and their management.

    The way they handled the situation is disgusting. Now it's affected the public to this.

    The fault is on everyone, but without the source, nothing like this would've happened.

    They are already ruined.

  16. Some of Korean movies like Death Bell 2 and Diary of June show bullying. The teachers and parents on these movies are bystanders, meaning they know that bullying happens but they don't do anything to stop it. I wonder if Korean education in real life is also like that.

  17. I'm not one to defend T-ara, but tbh this is ridiculous..

    Bullying was/is already a big problem in SK, T-ara didn't suddenly cause a wave of bullying. It was already there. They probably just named it that T-ara game because the scandal blew up. But T-ara wasn't "the source" of bullying, so blaming them for anything that has to do with bullying is ridiculous.

  18. Did you read my comment clearly?
    They are evidently the source for all the drama in the first place.
    T-ara didn't cause the wave of bullying, but as celebrities, they have to sink as low as young elementary students against one of their members?

    They are basically promoting bullying with people like you standing behind them applauding for their act.

  19. This would happen with or without them and it would be called the wangta game. T-ara's PR is screwed.

  20. Bullying in South Korea is prevalent even before the T-ara controversy broke out.

    It's just a unjust and very much a lowly act to label their bullying game "T-ara" as if T-ara is the pioneer of bullying in Korean society.

    It's so ridiculous and unfortunate considering that it was the NETIZENS who FABRICATED the false evidence of bullying and bullying is not even confirmed but the public has already judged and persecuted them unfairly like criminals.

    T-ara, accused of bullying, based on FABRICATED evidence authored by NETIZENS, evidence that are most probably INADMISSIBLE IN ANY COURT OF ANY JURISDICTION... and the NETIZENS and MEDIA publicized it too much so that the public JUMPED TO MISGUIDED CONCLUSIONS and now T-ara became VICTIMS of SMEAR CAMPAIGN by the NETIZENS.

    Tsk tsk. Seems like Korea is a rotten society. Once they pick on you they invent evidence and connect unrelated events to create a story of bullying and spread it in the internet and other media forms and without believing your explanation to the contrary, they assume and make conclusions easily.

    And there are evidence to disprove the bullying rumors in T-ara. But the haters refuse to believe them. How narrow-minded. Pathetic.

  21. its the parents fault. how could they let their child listen to T-ara? those scum. if you care about your child, protect them from wrong influences like t-ara.

  22. @Athena

    All I read was blah blah blah.

    If none of the accusations were true, T-ara should speak up themselves and not their company. And if the company was smart, letting ALL the members speak about it would look better than having on or two to step out about the issue.

    T-ara sucks.

    Sure, I'm narrow minded. That doesn't make me pathetic.

    I believe in my opinion.

    Stop trying to shove your thoughts down other peoples throats. We have the right to express our own emotions.

    If they can't handle being a celebrity and need people like you to back them up, they aren't worth the fame and money they get.

    Blah blah blah, now go away.

  23. And this is why netizens were justified in taking this as the serious problem it is.

    All idols are in the public as role models. So young, impressionable children often do copy their favorite idols because they think anything they do is "cool"

  24. T-ara made the bullying more popular..
    and to the person writing huge posts with NETIZENS and other words in caps, please stop.

  25. thanks t-ara.
    ruining today's youth ~~~~ "Day by Day"

  26. "Number one fear of Netizens" - what nonsense. The netizens created this situation. The netizens are the only PROVEN bullies in this situation. K-pop groups work hard to create beautiful music under intense pressure and all netizens can do is whine like babies from their high-chairs. How pathetic. How worthless. Netizens will never come good or be of any worth to society, if they were recycled into dog food at least they would have a productive purpose.

  27. nice name T-ara game
    are they going to shove rice cake to the outcast too?

    hey rice cake is the trademark.

  28. K-netizens are the bullies not T-ara

  29. -rolls eyes- Lmao, this story is such BS. Show us screen caps of your little sister being "bullied". Why in the hell does a 9 year old have a smartphone anyway? Literally can't with this bullshit. -rolls eyes x10000-