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Friday, July 27, 2012

Kim Kwang Soo begins the media play, but can he cover the fuck up?

The T-ara controversy is slowly spreading its way into other sectors of their careers, just as the way K-Pop controversies usually work.

Another article talking about a cute Twitter conversation between Jiyeon and IU recently surfaced in the top 10 on Nate, but the best replies are discussing everything but.

Just for some background thought: Jiyeon's webcam strip show scandal never lost spotlight among Korean netizens like it did with i-fans. Instead, they've started referring to Jiyeon's webcam scandal as 'Yebbeun', a purposeful misspelling of the word 'pretty'.


Article: Jiyeon, explodes with jealousy over IU and Suzy's lunch date "What about me!"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+617, -38] Jiyeon ㅋㅋㅋ Why are you dissing your own member Hwayoung on Twitter? ㅋㅋㅋ You're such a disappointment. I thought your heart would be just as 'yebbeun' (pretty) as your face.

2. [+486, -19] Yebbeun Jiyeon~~ Hwayoung isn't the acting prodigy. Isn't the acting prodigy everything you showed on cam?? Right???

3. [+363, -17] T-ara's ranked #1 on search rankings~ ㅋㅋ for Hyomin, Eunjung, Soyeon, and Jiyeon bullying Hwayoung on Twitter because she couldn't perform at their concert since she was sick ㅋㅋ So foolish~~~ Just disband the group~~


Article: 'Music Bank' T-ara, Jiyeon and Hwayoung support Park Tae Hwan 'Looks Good'

Source: X Sports News via Nate

The problem with this article (which is also ranked in the top 10) is that netizens suspect it to be a form of media play by CEO Kim Kwang Soo to try and turn their public image to a positive light. It's suspicious because all of T-ara is present in the video mentioned in the article, but only Jiyeon and Hwayoung are specifically pointed out when there's really no reason for them to be. 

1. [+567, -18] I'm not really one to hate on idols since I usually like everyone, but I don't think this is right. She was injured - how could they diss her publicly on Twitter saying she was acting and lacking in determination? I'm disappointed in all of them minus Qri. Isn't the real acting prodigy Park Yebbeun? She tried to act like she didn't strip on cam and made noise saying she'd find the culprit with the police ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How about you think of your own position before trying to measure the determination of others? It might be fun for the group bullying one member like that but do you know how painful and miserable it is for that one person?

2. [+498, -7] Kwang Soo has finally begun his media play! I'm really looking forward to how he'll try and fix this mess ㅋㅋ

3. [+444, -7] So is this how acting prodigies support others


Article: T-ara Kim Kwang Soo CEO "Important announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+116, -6] Don't try to lie your way out of this and just disband the group. I don't even want to see their fakeness on TV, it makes me want to throw up

2. [+113, -6] T-ara disbands on the 30th

3. [+109, -3] I'm curious as to what excuses he'll give for the Hwayoung controversy


  1. Im so disappointing but I dont know why I still like Jiyeon!!

  2. I still like Jiyeon no matter what!

  3. really ..?? did they tell you that they are bullying hwayoung .. you netizens/people are jumping into conclusions .. u don't even know what really happen .. seriously .. can't you just wait until tomorrow for the announcement? seriously .. be an anti fan all you want you bithces :)

    1. haha... now the 30th came and hwayoung's out of the group...hmm....i wonder why? i dont think anyones jumping to conclusions seeing how the one girl reported to being bullied in t-ara is now gone...hmm...does it still sound like they are jumping to conclusions? :)

    tbh KKS should kick out the usless members aka bitches jiyeon, hyomin, soyeon, loser eunjung, that nugu no one likes aka boram!
    And then leave a flawless group made up of Qri Hwayoung Dani and who ever else was supposed to join :3 actually as far as I can tell Dani is pretty useless already~~ probably joined just so KKS can use her body~~poor girl :(
    Always knew T-error was full of flaws~~

  5. Lol you guys are saying you still like Jiyeon... how ignorant. Just because you don't know what it feels like to be bullied, to be put in Hwayoung's position.

  6. i really like jiyeon bcos she pretty,until now finally her true evil pretty characters show ...
    everytime i see her face i feel , (she so fake,fake n fake )you not the prettiest people in korea their are many more pretty than you la jiyeoen ..

  7. wow for those who still like jiyeon..are you guys really human with no heart? she already shows her true colours so many times, yet her fans still support that miss 'Park Yebbeun'.i really can tell that jiyeon is so good at acting all innocent, just because she's pretty, you guys still like her? wow just wow

  8. for those who loves Jiyeon, R U FUCKING KIDDING?! SHE IS A BULLY!!! A STRIPPER AND A MEGALOMANIAC FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! Don't think of Hwayoung if you don't like her, just think of the effect Tara did to the public, kids imitate them! God! U would not say this if a bunch of fucking bullies bullying your ass!!! LEARN THAT!

  9. victim of billies tend to bully others in the future so the effect never stop, the aftermath is severe, from suicide,anti social, and other mentally injured. You don't need to be a brainiac to understand that bully is bad, in fact many of European countries have strict rules against bully because they know the aftermath. And what irk and scares me is that this Jiyeon girl is pretty but has a heart as dark as shits. With that looks and make up she spits badness. Oh and she is not that good in acting...none of them. Without make up she is just an insecure girl who needs recognition by bully others and sell up her breasts. But who cares, u will still love her because somewhere in your head think she is pretty, just because she is pretty, Gosh...Wow..because she is pretty . Yeah right...I am speechless because bully is not fun dear. Try it once n I bet on my ass it's not fun.