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- Are these netizen comments representative of all of Korea?

Definitely not. These are the voices and opinions that drive the Korean entertainment industry and its media. Netizens play a bigger role in the decisions that are made in this industry than probably any other industry in the world and have an extreme amount of control in the decision making processes of companies and their artists.Netizens have a cause and effect relationship with the media. They cause it, the media effects it: it being the industry.

Are these voices reasonable? Most often not. But the Koreans that don't care or aren't commenting aren't the ones impacting the industry, so while it's true that these comments don't necessarily represent the majority opinion of all of Korea, that doesn't mean they should be dismissed.

Companies will actually pay out people to write positive comments on articles about their stars to manufacture a "positive image"... They are often caught because they will just copy and paste the same positive replies onto articles from Naver, Nate, and Daum.

Read here for a more in depth explanation.

네티즌 버즈 블로그에서 번역되는 댓글들이 한국 대중의 반응이라고 말한적은 단 한번도 없습니다.  극 소수의 네티즌들이 다는 댓글이라는 점은 해외 독자분들도 잘 알고 있는 사실이며 이 댓글과 반응들이 한국 연예계에 미치는 영향을 해외 케이팝 팬들이 알고 싶어해 이 블로그가 탄생되었습니다. 악의적은 댓글은 인터넷 어디에나 존재한다는 사실도 잘 알고 있으며 이걸 곧이곧대로 "한국 대중의 반응"이라고 받아들이는 독자는 없습니다.

- Why are netizens so negative?
Please keep in mind that this blog only focuses on negative content as that is what usually impacts the industry. There are just as much, if not more, articles that receive a positive response on any given day.

- Why are your netizen comments different from allkpop and other sources?

allkpop and other news sites/blogs/fanforums that translate directly from Korean news sources are fed a selection of made up netizen comments to include at the end of each article. They are a part of the PR package because netizen validation is just oh so important in Korean media.

The comments you see on this blog differ because they were made by real people unrelated to the artists and their companies.

- Why do you only source from Nate?

Nate has one of the biggest and fastest moving communities out of the top three portal sites because of their acquisition of Cyworld a few years ago (imagine Google acquiring and integrating Facebook into their platform).

People have often brought up that Naver and Daum have better communities made up of "real netizens" and not haters and trolls like Nate, which is what led me to begin sourcing from Naver as well. At the end of the day, there isn't much of a difference. The overall opinion/sentiment on scandals and other issues are the same across the board. I will probably not source from Daum because it's just overkill.

- What is the difference between Nate, Naver, and Daum?

Naver is most used for their blogs and KiN (similar feature to Yahoo! Answers) while Daum is most used for fancafes. Nate has Cyworld as well as several other social platforms like Pann that are all about community discussions.

- Why did you ignore my request?

I probably couldn't find articles with enough comments or best replies for them.

- Why did you ignore my request when it was in the rankings/had best replies?

The best replies sometimes go off topic, especially when journalists end up making a typo or some error in the article content. If that isn't the case, the best replies might have had too big of a difference in the votes that I didn't feel properly represented overall opinion (ie +400, -350). E-mail your requests or ask them without the anonymous feature to get a personal reply. I will always reply with a reason if I end up skipping a request.

- What is a positive dump and why aren't you doing it anymore?

I cover "positive" articles if they're beyond comments that are just "she's so pretty" or "he's so handsome".

- What are Pann and Telzone?

Korean journalists only source from two places: PRs sent to their inbox and netizen run community boards.

Pann and Telzone are both netizen run community boards (under Nate and Daum, respectively), Pann being the larger with hundreds of thousands of netizens online and engaged at every hour of the day.

Pann is basically just a huge forum divided into sections of popular interests like pets, work, school, age groups, new mothers, newlyweds, cooking, love, military, fashion and beauty, and of course K-Pop/entertainment and much, much more.

It's barely moderated so users are free to post anything for discussion and ask for advice. Because of such a large range of interests, Koreans from all walks of life are on the board, from teens to people in their 50s and older.

Telzone is focused solely on entertainment. Netizens can create any entertainment related topic of their choice and admins will go around and feature the hottest topics of the day on the front page.

- Are the controversies and rumors that come up in Pann or Telzone important?

Yes and no. K-Pop fandoms have a love/hate relationship with Pann because if your group ends up on there for something positive, the amount of exposure can potentially rival any expensive PR campaign.

To put things into perspective, each section of Pann has their own ranking so that users can easily look at the most viewed/commented/voted threads of the day/week/month.

There is also an overall ranking displayed at the side (static, users will see it no matter what page they're on) that ranks the most voted or discussed threads from the entire Pann community as a whole.

So imagine what happens when an uninformed netizen writes a malicious thread filled with rumors or lies. You can only hope and pray that it doesn't catch on and end up in the overall ranking because after that, you can pretty much kiss any chance of saving the group's image goodbye, especially with the witch hunt mentality that comes with it.

So going back to the part where I mentioned that journalists source from netizen run community boards? This is exactly what I mean. Once an issue becomes big enough on Pann or Telzone, journalists take it directly to the media, whether or not it's true. This is EXACTLY what happened with every single one of Block B's scandals.

If a group isn't under a company powerful enough to prevent it from happening, journalists will run the story because any drama is better than no drama, and hey, netizens are saying it's important so it must be important!

Think back to every scandal any idol has ever been in. Where did they start?

- What is media play?

There are a wide variety of opinions on what media play is and it ultimately comes down to what each individual feels is appropriate. In a larger sense, media play is a company seizing control of the media to sway something in their favor, whether that be public perception or sentiment or recognition, or to run a smear campaign against a rival.

The most direct form of it is companies buying out rankings to lodge articles about their artists to the top so that casual news readers will either look into them more or assume that they're popular enough with netizens to be ranked there. It's proven to work because if you do it enough times, overtime, netizens will buy into the hype and begin to associate the star with 'high ranking popularity'. A lot of idol careers are built off of this.

If you haven't noticed, a lot of what Korean journalists consider news worthy stories are manufactured hype, and that's because companies play into the power of netizens and use it to exert their control on the media.

Companies sending out PR for their artists is completely normal, expected, and even an absolute must. After all, the public needs to find out about a new music/movie/drama release, right? This is where the lines get blurred. Where do PRs about faked hype stand? I think I can safely say that netizens consider anything outside of the standard PRs announcing releases or comebacks to be media play.

After all, why would you send out a PR about a selca being the hottest topic of the week or how one of your idols comes from a wealthy family or even how your idol is 180 cm tall when none of these have anything to do with their musical careers or current projects if not to constantly bombard netizens with their names in the hope that they'll stay relevant? Again, it's up to you to decide.

- Why don't you translate articles in full?

I post under the assumption that allkpop or another source has already translated the topic. Usually, the articles are titled so that you know exactly what the article is about without the details. If additional explanation is necessary, I'll usually post a short summary blurb.

- Do Korean netizens monitor international comments as well?

They usually translate comments from allkpop to check the feedback of the international audience. There is a site Gasengi that is specifically dedicated to translating international responses.

- How many people run Netizen Buzz? Are you Korean? What can we call you?

I'm one person and am a Korean American female. You can call me NB. I have friends who are Korean translators in other fandoms and news sites who I work with to double check content as needed.

- Can I repost or translate your posts in another language?

Sure, go ahead. Please remember to credit.



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