Lee Seung Gi struggles to shield family admist father-in-law's conviction

Article: Lee Seung Gi speaks out on father-in-law's guilty ruling for stock manipulation, "This happened before our marriage... do not mess with my family"

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+1,710] Seung Gi-ya, you're free to love whoever you want, but your wife's family has been ruled by court as guilty. Why do you think that your association with them absolves them of their crime? 

[+862] Why do you think your family is the only one that matters? Especially when your family is responsible for the destruction of so many other families?

[+357] Just remember that those victims have a family that they care about too

[+167] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Does he not think the victims have families of their own they want to protect??... He should've just stayed quiet

[+177] So what if they're your family now?? Does being a member of Lee Seung Gi's family absolve them of their crimes? What is wrong with this guy?

[+823] No one is messing with your family, no one cares about them...

[+410] Their victims are also members of families that deserve protecting

[+56] What can we say when he's voluntarily choosing to sh*t on his image like this

[+162] If you're going to take care of your family while so many other families are living in ruin because of said family, please do so quietly

[+146] Lee Seung Gi-ssi... while you're busy protecting your family, so many other families have been absolutely crushed and ruined by the actions of your family... You have a child of your own now, you should know how precious every family in this world is..

[+352] Wish he'd just shut up


Source: Nate

[+356, -4] Seung Gi-ssi, I'm so glad you got married. How nice is it that you get to give our youth such a great lesson in life? Show our younger generation exactly how big of an influence a marriage can have on your life. Show them until the very end ^^ don't give up in the middle, now~

[+251, -2] He only cares about his own family, not an ounce of remorse for the families of the victims

[+164, -2] Lee Yoobi's father/Lee Seung Gi's FIL already spent 3 years in jail in 2011 for stock manipulation. The fact that this is his second conviction... hmm...

[+113, -1] Yeah, we won't mess with your family if you stay off of our TVs!!

[+28, -0] Seung Gi-ya, your FIL has caused the s*icides of dozens of people. You should've known when you married into such a family that backlash would be inevitable.

[+24, -0] Nah, your family is allowed to be messed with

[+24, -0] At this point, what is left of his image to be ruining anymore? I looked at his concert footage and there's barely any seats filled. I think his fans have already left him early on.

[+18, -0] What a transformation, to go from the nation's little brother to crazy f*cker

[+18, -0] So just because this all happened "before your marriage," you think it all goes away? It just never happened? Well, in that case, let's say your scandal with your previous agency never happened either. All's fair, right?