EXID's Hani and Yang Jae Woong to tie the knot this year

Article: '10 year age gap' Hani and Yang Jae Woong to get married in September after 4 years of dating

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+447] It's already been four years, congratulations~

[+394] What the.. I feel like they're going to live a really happy life together...

[+200] Oh, congratulations ❤️ Hope their lives are nothing but happiness~

[+76] Smart couple ❤️ They'll make a gerat pair

[+144] They match so well~~~ 😍😍😍😍

[+48] Nothing better than finding someone who treats you well!

[+70] They match perfectly, congratulations ❤️

[+28] Finally they're getting married 👏👏

[+7] They look so alike seeing their pictures side by side like this

[+10] That physiognomy stuff about how your life partner has a lower half of the face to you must be true