Park Boram's autopsy report released by the National Forensic Service

Article: The late Park Boram, autopsy report released, National Forensic Service "Acute alcoholism"

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+254, -5] What an unfortunate loss of a young life. May she rest in peace.

[+185, -2] Both of her parents passed away from liver disease, seems like she had problems with her liver genetically as well

[+112, -18] I wish she had been more careful considering her condition. I think it's so important to learn how to decline the suggestions of others.

[+54, -3] So would she be alive if she did not drink that night? Life is so empty ㅜ

[+44, -4] She was so young but already suffering from liver cirrhosis and fatty liver...

[+17, -0] Hope this gives people a pause before pressuring others into drinking

[+8, -2] The three of them shared one soju bottle, which is at most one or two shot glasses each. For it to have caused such a drastic effect, she shouldn't have put it to her mouth to begin with.

[+6, -0] So someone with a bad liver can die from even the smallest amount of alcohol

[+5, -1] She was already suffering from liver cirrhosis and fatty liver... ah, who knew one bottle of soju split between three could be so dangerous ㅜㅜ such an unfortunate loss..