Han Ye Seul reveals she's signed marriage papers with her partner

Article: "Now a married woman" Han Ye Seul is a May bride... signed marriage papers with partner 10 years younger

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

[+194, -9] Yeah, all that matters is that they're happy

[+72, -17] If they're in love, what else matters? Unless you're jealous and that's why you're hating~ I wish them happiness~

[+67, -4] I feel like she's going to lose everything to him

[+60, -5] I wonder if her parents wanted to stop her considering everything that she owns. She could've probably gotten away with never getting married and just enjoying herself but maybe she loves him so much she can't stand giving him away to anyone else.

[+41, -11] This unni lives her life doing it all!! I'm jealous of her life

[+19, -2] She's become the next Choi Ji Woo, I wish ehr happiness

[+16, -1] If only he wasn't from a host bar, none of us would think he's only with her for her money... but we all know how host guys are, they're gold diggers...

[+14, -3] When so many are against your marriage, there's usually a reason for it and the same outcome


Source: Naver

[+357, -11] That host bar dude?

[+278, -17] They're both from host bars... what a match

[+193, -4] Han Ye Seul has something in common with Choi Ji Woo now ㅋㅋ

[+182, -5] That guy leveled up 

[+46, -11] Jeez, not that I ever expected you guys to have anything nice to say but do you have to ridicule her like this? Let's be better people... karma will always get you back.

[+32, -2] Being happy is all that matters

[+27, -1] I think this is great. Same goes for Choi Ji Woo. If you're rich enough on your own, why not marry a handsome guy who listens to you well? No need to worry about submitting to in-laws or doing housework all day long. They have a man who will come and go at your command!

[+20, -3] Cruel comments, I wish her a happy life