Concept for New Jeans' Japanese debut underway

Article: New Jeans Japan debut concept is 'street fashion'

Source: Money S via Nate

[+223, -139] I want to support them because of Min Hee Jin, fighting

[+148, -38] Just look at the color grading... she has a sense that cannot be copied no matter how much gobs of money you slather on someone

[+106, -23] Is Hybe seriously not going to put out even one article about their comeback for them?

[+37, -10] If they're working with Hiroshi Fujiwara... whatever they're putting out will be sold out immediately. New Jeans is amazing~

[+12, -2] Pretty New Jeans, fighting!!

[+10, -8] Hybe better not copy this too ^^ ㅋ

[+8, -2] Let's dominate in Japan too!

[+6, -2] Style is going back to the '90s hip hop fashion. It's so pretty.

[+5, -0] New Jeans is truly a reminder of how blindingly beautiful youth can be

[+5, -0] The creative director of another certain group better not copy this

[+5, -1] Min Hee Jin is a genius, I don't even know how she keeps coming up with these fresh concepts