All eyes back on Hyuna and Yong Junhyung with BBC documentary

Article: "Did you watch the Burning Sun documentary?" BBC special brings fresh spotlight back to Hyuna and Yong Junhyung

Source: Money Today via Nate

[+151, -0] Dating each other, fine, whatever, but I really wish she'd stop going on TV shows and talking this and that about her boyfriend. Got that, Hyuna?

[+86, -0] Goo Hara bravely stepped up to try and make some changes while Hyuna decided she'd rather date one of the offenders. Hyuna's amazing in the worst ways.

[+50, -0] Birds of a feather is science

[+40, -2] Tsk tsk tsk, Dawn's better by so much

[+31, -1] Difficult to think about how Hyuna and Goo Hara used to be best friends back when they were filming 'Invincible Youth' together and now she's dating her ex...

[+1, -0] Tsk tsk tsk, aigoo, what do ㅠ

[+1, -0] Hyuna and Junhyung better stay quiet, can't stand seeing them in the media. Can you imagine the pain their victims must have to go through seeing them in the news all the time?