After School's Lizzy shares update with a new look


Article: After school's Lizzy, completely changed face after period of reflection for drunk driving scandal

Source: Insight via Instagram [2]

[+128] She did not take time off to reflect, she took time off to get plastic surgery

[+91] I much prefer her past face;;;

[+72] Reflection? You mean a reconstruction of her face? 😂

[+49] Ugh, well it's clear she hasn't been reflecting, god knows what she's been up to with her face, though.. tsk tsk tsk

[+47] I'll never support a drunk driver...

[+35] She really redid everything during her supposed period of reflection ㅋㅋㅋㅋ didn't even recognize her ㅋㅋ

[+32] Oh, her face ㅠㅜ greed is such a scary thing ㅜㅜ her past face looked way better 😢

[+28] Changing your face won't erase your crime

[+21] Lizzy, please just let yourself be forgotten

[+17] I actually think she looks prettier now???

[+14] She's changed so much, who is she ㅜ..

[+4] She looks pretty but forgettable now ㅜ