Ador reveals Hybe is stalking their female employees home

Article: Ador, "Hybe is illegally following female staff home and making threats"

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+160, -16] So is Hybe an entertainment company or a thug ring??? They have no business being in this business, let them ruin themselves swiftly. Seems Bang has used all his luck up.

[+100, -9] So this is what Hybe's been doing in the time they haven't been uploading any New Jeans shorts on their channel

[+87, -12] What are they following them for? Badgering them to confess to any crimes?

[+69, -42] Maybe I'd give a pass on following male staff home, but isn't this considered s*xual harassment? Who's stopping Hybe from just following them all the way inside? Please report this to the police ㅠ

[+61, -5] We are staring down New Jeans' comeback, what is Hybe doing if not interference of business?

[+27, -5] Hybe's just a bunch of thugs. They know they have nothing so they're trying to squeeze out anything that they can find.

[+20, -34] So sue them, then, instead of crying to the media about it. Don't you think Hybe has a big enough legal team to determine if what they're doing is legal or not before doing it?

[+4, -1] I'm reserving judgment until trial~~ can't make a decision based off of what any of these two sides are saying~~~


Source: Naver

[+392, -50] How is following staff all the way home legal????? That's scary

[+246, -20] A stylist is such an integral part of the business, why would Hybe do this during the busiest period of their careers, right before a comeback? So they can steal the stylist's laptop and plagiarize more ideas?

[+221, -10] Wow, Hybe's ballsy... doing something that even police can't pull off without warrants. Makes you wonder how desperate Hybe must be for evidence that they're resorting to this.

[+132, -15] Hybe keeps crossing the line

[+108, -5] Didn't Hybe start this whole mess because they were so sure they had evidence?? Seems like they don't really have anything

[+49, -2] Hybe, please back off. There are barely days left to their comeback and this is what you're doing? Didn't you say yourselves that protecting your artists is the most important thing? Then why are you being crazy and putting all this pressure on their supporting staff? Bunch of greedy thugs, for real.

[+47, -1] That's way crossing the line. Even the police can't do that without a warrant.

[+35, -0] Hybe must really be lacking ㅋㅋㅋ stalking a stylist director until late at night ㅋㅋㅋ

[+32, -2] How desperate is Hybe for evidence that they're going around making threats at stylists? Just hoping for something to stick to the wall or what? Or are they trying to steal more concepts to hand over to Temu Jeans?

[+26, -1] They're crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and exactly the type of behavior I'd expect from a company that shovels their money to a cult

[+20, -0] I don't think even your local thugs would humiliate themselves by acting like this

[+16, -0] Hybe knows they have nothing, that's why they have to resort to illegal measures, amazing

[+14, -1] Hybe's getting desperate ㅋㅋㅋ