Le Sserafim's Coachella stage met with backlash over live singing skills

Article: Le Sserafim, skill controversy exploded... comments abuzz 'Coachella' stage

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

[+104, -0] The fact that they're singers and can't sing is a problem in itself

[+65, -0] I honestly couldn't hold back my horror at their encore stage, and now I'm finding out that they took those skills to Coachella? ㅋㅋ

[+50, -0] How do they not feel embarrassed making all that money for such so little skill?

[+42, -1] This is probably the end for them

[+39, -0] They were never meant for anything more than the domestic market

[+8, -0] Well, this is what happens when you only focus on looking pretty and training in dance. Very few idols these days actually have any vocal skills.

[+7, -0] I watched two songs of their stage... and then just went to rewatch Black Pink's Coachella..

[+4, -0] In the time they're filming TikToks, they should be practicing their singing

[+3, -0] Whoever invited Coachella is the real fool;;;;;

[+3, -0] I watched the video and was shocked.. their skills... what do ㅜ...

[+3, -0] No way anyone can shield them on singing skills

[+1, -0] This is not the first day people have had things to say about their singing... why don't they practice? What have they been doing all this time?...

[+1, -0] Unbearable to watch

[+1, -0] ㅋㅋㅋ I can get being bad but... if they practiced day in and day out for this and this is the best they can do?.. it's hard for me to believe that they practiced at all with how they sounded up there. They either need to practice like their life's on the line or stop lying that they did.

[+1, -0] Honestly, I never expect idols to be able to sing. I mostly watch for their outfits, performance, hair/makeup..

[+0, -0] Their agency should've known to decline the invitation, it's not like they don't know the skills of their own group