Kim Ji Won revealed to own a building in Gangnam

Article: Kim Ji Won turns out to be a 'Gangnam building owner'... purchased a building worth 6.3 billion won

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+118, -23] There's a serious problem with celebrities buying up buildings like it's a regular shopping trip

[+87, -26] I don't find anything problematic about how she went about it. She's using the building as her office, and it's on a 55% loan.

[+46, -36] I support her! I want more people with good character to be successful

[+29, -7] She has so many diehard fans and got all those CFs recently, looks like she won't be hurting for money any time soon

[+12, -3] Celebrities make such easy money

[+8, -1] This doesn't fit my image of her for some reason..

[+7, -1] So bored of celebrities earning a bit of fame and going straight to buying buildings. They leverage their celebrity name into taking out 90% loans from the banks to buy up buildings and sell them at profits. 

[+6, -1] A 55% loan, what did she need this building so badly for?

[+3, -2] With the way her popularity's going, she'll have it all paid off in no time

[+1, -4] I mean, she's using it as her office, why is that problematic? 

[+1, -5] At her level, it'd be weird if she didn't have a building ㅋㅋ she's been the lead in several dramas already

[+1, -5] Oh, so you're all turning on her now that she's bought a building? Haters ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ