Super Junior's Ryeowook and Tahiti's Ari are getting married

Article: Super Junior's Ryeowook to marry Tahiti's Ari this May

Source: Insight via Instagram + Nate

[+116] We wish you a happy life 👏

[+71, -3] Congratulations ^^ How special is it to see an idol mature into an adult and start his own family with a woman he loves. I wish him a happy family~

[+50] Eh?

[+23] I can't believe he's already 38!! ㅋㅋ What a wonderful age to get married~ congratulations~!

[+21, -1] Does that make him the third married member in the group after Shindong and Sungmin~ 20 years of no scandals since debut, what a likable dude

[+15, -3] Grats grats 

[+9] I remember being such a huge Super Junior fan in middle school and watching all their shows. There was this one show that predicted thar Ryeowook would get married to a '94er, and I scrolled all the way down to the article to see that Ari-nim is a '94er, how amazing ❤️❤️

[+6] Don't know who either of them are

[+5] Congratulations!!! Ohohoh

[+2, -1] I read her real name as Tahiti Ari and thought he was marrying a Japanese person

[+1, -0] Congratulations