Kim Ji Won is the hottest name right now

Article: The #1 trending name isn't Kim Soo Hyun or Cha Eunwoo... it's Kim Ji Won with 'Queen of Tears'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

[+120, -3] Kim Ji Won's the best 👍 I wish her a long career ❤️

[+92, -6] She's all I notice in the drama.. she's doing all the work..

[+57, -1] I honestly thought 'My Liberation Notes' would be her breakout drama, she was so perfect as Yeom Mi Jung

[+50, -2] She looked great in 'My Liberation Notes' but her beauty has really hit peak this time around. Or maybe it's because this character is so perfect for her that it's shining a better light on her beauty.

[+41, -4] I'm obsessed with her Oran C CF, innocence embodied. I wish her even more success.

[+4, -1] Sae Ron-ah, this is how you build a career...

[+2, -1] I've been eyeing her since 'High Kick.' It's about time she hits it big. No one can stop her now.

[+2, -0] She's just so likable ㅋ

[+1, -0] Her acting has always been consistently good, beautiful looks, no scandals, love her!