Choi Minhwan joins 'Superman Returns' with his three kids post divorce

Article: 'The pain of divorce' Choi Minhwan joins 'Superman Returns' with three babies, "I will win this confidently"

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

[+110, -5] I don't think it'll be too long before the mother regrets the divorce. She may be feeling happy now with the independence but sooner or later, she'll realize that family and your children are everything.

[+59, -0] Good on him for the divorce. I hope he meets someone new and gets a fresh new start. I support him.

[+44, -8] Ugh, please stop exposing your children in the media

[+29, -1] Whoever raises the kids is the winner

[+12, -1] The kids are so adorable

[+4, -3] So tired of shows that allows parents to make money off of their kids

[+3, -2] I think it's better that he chooses a quiet life away from the media for the sake of his kids...

[+2, -0] If the TV industry is willing to work with him, I'm thinking the fault in the divorce did not lie with him

[+1, -0] I doubt he wants to be exposing his kids on TV either but he's a celebrity at the end of the day and how else is he supposed to make money otherwise? We should be more understanding.