Hwang Jung Eum files for divorce

Article: [Exclusive] Hwang Jung Eum files for divorce after 8 years... currently in divorce process

Source: The Fact via Nate

[+364, -4] He really must've messed up this time

[+273, -2] So the Instagram spam was out of range... I wonder what all this could mean, especially with the pictures of him with a baby? Does he have another family? Hul...

[+170, -1] Yeah, I had a feeling that he had messed up big time after seeing all those pictures last night~~ it was definitely a divorce signal

[+119, -2] You can't fix a cracked bowl

[+63, -2] People can never be fixed. 

[+24, -0] I have no doubt that she tried her best to keep her family together

[+17, -1] Female celebrities need to stop marrying male entrepreneurs + golfers = skip

[+17, -4] What a bizarre man... how do you have a beautiful wife like her at home and cheat on her?

[+13, -0] It was obvious to anyone that she tried to remain loyal and keep her family together... she's also the wealthier one of the two. 

[+13, -0] He must've cheated on her a lot... tsk tsk tsk


Source: Nate + Nate

[+372, -5] Can't imagine how pissed she must've been last night...

[+213, -5] She did a good job with the Instagram posts. Didn't say anything bad about him that would cause a defamation suit. Just left it up to our imaginations. Hwang Jung Eum fighting.

[+177, -5] She's so cool

[+106, -1] How humiliating for him ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 

[+92, -4] Find strength. Mothers are strong.

[+88, -0] She probably held back the first time he got caught cheating for the sake of their kid, but she's not going to let it go twice. She's a human before she's a mother, and keeping a man like him around is no good for their upbringing anyway. She's rich enough on her own, she has no need for his money anyway.

[+39, -3] She may be laughing but I doubt she feels that way ㅠㅠ I hope she gets her bearings and her new drama gets daebak!

[+22, -3] Find strength, we support you

[+12, -0] Ah, what a refreshing way to handle it. Most celebrities choose to keep things quiet and under wraps for the sake of their image, but she has no problem going full throttle with her rage ㅋㅋㅋ She's rich enough on her own, there's no need for her to hold back ㅋㅋ humiliate him all you want

[+6, -0] She handled it way better than the slow fools who would rather sit there and be walked all over. A proper revenge is sometimes needed. Good job, unni.