Lee Dong Gun opens up about his brother who was murdered in Australia 15 years ago

Article: Viewers sob at story of Lee Dong Gun's dongsaeng who was murdered 15 years ago while studying abroad

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+373] One of the two who murdered him for simply "looking at them" got 13 years in jail and got out the year before last year. The other got 15 and will probably be out this year. It's so sad to see that the family of the victim are still suffering to this day. 

[+134] Breaks my heart to remember that clip of him running to the Korean mart and asking for help on the CCTV.. 😩😭😭😭

[+189] I've always heard about how it's dangerous to look at strangers overseas because they'll think you're trying to start something.. and this is an example of it being true..

[+39] I wish him nothing but the best

[+31] I remember when this happened, it was huge news in Australia because it happened in the middle of Sydney City near the world tower square area

[+9] I remember when I traveled to US for the first time, people kept telling me not to stare at anyone because they'll shoot you so I'd be so scared any time I took public transportation and tried to avoid eye contact.. 

[+3] You can still see the pain in his eyes... Really makes you want to hug him...