IVE wins Artist of the Year, New Jeans wins Album of the Year at '2023 MMA'

Article: 'MMA 2023' Album of the year goes to IVE, Artist of the year goes to New Jeans

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+202] No one sang live yesterday...

- [+191] I mean, they're singers... shouldn't they be singing on stage

- [+100] What makes these people any different from dancers if they don't sing on stage

- [+13] Kiss of Life ripped the stage up with their live

- [+26] SHINee sang live

[+92] How many NCT members are there?

[+31] I thought Seventeen would win album of the year for sure... 😢

[+35] What's up with all the awards this year? I don't agree with any of them

[+57] I think Le Sserafim did well this year too ❤️

[+16] A bit surprised at IVE winning album; should've been Seventeen or New Jeans

[+57] I'm surprised at the album, I thought Seventeen would win it based on the numbers

[+16] New Jeans should've gotten album but they couldn't because 'Ditto' and 'OMG' were only singles with two songs so they weren't counted in the calculations

[+3] Why are people whining about sales numbers when MMA determines by digital and votes than album sales.. and of course New Jeans' singles shouldn't have been counted in the calculations, why are you even complaining about that and saying they should win album for it. Seems like people just love hating on IVE ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ congratulations to IVE~

[+7] Grats to IVE for daesang two years in a row 🤤💗💗

[+5] We got all the groups that missed MAMA. I wonder if they only chose one over the other because of the timing?