High schooler goes viral for talking back to teacher, turns out she's a celebrity trainee

Article: Video of high schooler talking back to teacher goes viral, post claiming to be the student uploads to SNS

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+4,296] She's currently a trainee under an agency ㅋㅋ lots of talk right now about whether to kick her out or not ㅋㅋ

[+4,088] So she's a celebrity trainee, eh? ㅋ

[+2,639] I'm normally of the opinion that people don't really change.. She's only apologizing now because she's afraid that this is going to impact her opportunites as a trainee..

[+2,969] There's the saying that you can discern 10 things about a person from 1 thing. Judging by the way her school uniform looks, I don't believe her when she says she's a hard-working student.

[+1,656] The length of her skirt is probably equivalent to the length of her IQ, sigh

[+705] Normally, people who act up and then immediately apologize like this means that they have more to lose and need to act accordingly...

[+570] She's only apologizing because she's afraid of her own future being crushed.. She was a total b*tch in the video, and that kind of character isn't going anywhere

[+114] She claims she's "very close" with her teachers, and yet so many of us know what type of student she is just off of this impression. So why was she at the convenience store during class time? Where's the explanation on that?

[+528] Yeah, why was she at the convenience store in the middle of class time...

[+21] I'm failing to understand why she thought it was okay to go to the convenience store in the middle of class

[+11] Now I'm curious to know what agency she's under.. they really messed up with picking her

[+98] She's quick with the apology so that this doesn't come back to bite her when she debuts later

[+184] If your goal is to debut, you should think before acting like this~