Han Ye Seul features boyfriend of two years on YouTube

Article: Han Ye Seul, two-year relationship with boyfriend who is 10 years younger... "we enjoy drinks late into the night"

Source: OSEN via Nate

[+66, -8] She sure is busy ㅋㅋ gotta run her YouTube channel, gotta keep food on the table for her former escort-turned-unemployed boyfriend who is 10 years younger than her

[+44, -7] One thing's for sure and all things aside, she goes all in for her relationships regardless of what it does to her image

[+25, -20] For a top celebrity, you'd think she'd be more cunning about the types of men she dates ㅠㅠ but she actually seems quite innocent when in love.. I love her ❤️

[+18, -2] They're lasting longer than I thought.. but then again, he'd be a fool to let her go. Beautiful, famous, rich, probably buys him all sorts of luxury goods.. he'd be a fool not to play to her whims

[+7, -4] Why aren't they getting married?

[+0, -0] Something about the guy always looks so unconfident ㅠㅋ

[+0, -0] So beautiful, great actress, my favorite of all time..

[+0, -0] I actually think the rich and famous like her are capable of the most innocent type of love, it's hard to love someone so wholly when you have nothing of your own