Chinese court sentences former EXO member Kris to 13 years

Article: EXO's former member Kris sentenced to 13 years of prison for s*xual assault charges

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+425] ㅋㅋ China's doling out 13-year sentences while Seungri barely got three years for not only s*xual assault but the distribution of obscene content

[+243] We really need to start following China and the US when it comes to sentencing

[+168] Something our own courts could take from... harsher sentencing for s*x criminals

[+38] Remember Seungri's sentence...?

[+39] I just saw news of someone who was drunk driving in front of a school and killed someone and only getting five years for it...

[+26] Korea needs to start doling out American sentences, 1,000 years off the bat. 

[+69] I wish our own courts would take note~

[+12] I remember all that buzz about him being the first execution-dol but I guess he spared his life

[+10] Yeah, that would only be three years in our country..