Jo In Sung denies dating rumors with anchorwoman Park Sun Young

Article: Actor Jo In Sung denies dating rumors with former anchorwoman Park Sun Young "Unfounded rumors"

Source: No Cut News via Naver

[+313, -9] He's denying it, what are people congratulating..

[+207, -12] Please don't let the rumors be true

[+216, -119] I'm sure he's dating someone 10 years younger. Why would he ever date someone the same age ㅜ

[+154, -66] For some reason, I doubt he's been holding out on marriage all this time just to end up with... her

[+104, -26] These celebrities are always denying it only for the rumors to end up true so what's the point?

[+67, -23] I'd say anchorwoman Park Sun Young is impressive on her own

[+61, -21] Jo In Sung can totally do better

[+39, -10] Son Ye Jin got married past 40 and is doing just fine with a baby of her own, you people need to butt out

[+30, -3] Who even is Park Sun Young?

[+26, -3] Jo In Sung can do better, way better

[+24, l-8] He can do better~ please reconsider this~ because I highly doubt there's smoke without fire

[+15, -1] No!!!!!

[+16, -3] I pray it's not true ㅠ

[+18, -6] Don't get married ㅜㅜㅜ I want Jo In Sung to just date around for the rest of his life

[+15, -3] These "unfounded rumors" always end up true in the end

[+10, -1] Something about this feels like.. he's just waiting for better timing to announce it. 

[+9, -1] He'd surely be crazy to??