Song Joong Ki is all hands on deck for pregnant wife even at Cannes debut

Article: 'Maknae son' Song Joong Ki makes Cannes debut "while still taking care of wife"

Source: The Joongang via Naver

[+779, -41] 'Reborn Rich' should be credited as Lee Sung Min's drama, not Song Joong Ki's... too bad it ended the way it did ㅜㅜ

[+543, -216] I just don't like him anymore, and I don't even know why

[+222, -30] I do get the impression that his personality feels quite difficult. When he broke up with Song Hye Gyo, he went hard with driving the press... and when he got into a new relationship, he had no hesitation with calling his new wife's pet name during an award speech. He also refused to listen to reporter requests to pose with hand hearts during the press conference for 'Reborn Rich' ㅠㅠㅋㅋ it wasn't until Lee Sung Min laughed it off and did the hand hearts for them that he joined along.. Anyway, he definitely has a stubborn streak to him ㅋㅋ

[+244, -70] His acting's a bubble... his popularity has only gotten this far thanks to his supporting co-stars

[+195, -21] Everything about his situation is great and all... he's young, definitely at an age where he should be starting a family of his own and all, but... something just feels off about the whole thing.

[+136, -13] Yeah, I don't know. He's never done anything quite wrong or harmed anyone, but I don't like him anymore as much as I used to. If anything, I dislike him. He seems smart for all the wrong reasons.

[+120, -7] Just something about how he's handled his progress from marriage to divorce to remarriage leaves something to be desired. It never seemed like he was thinking things through with care or genuine feelings. His personality seems very harsh, like it's one or the other and nothing in between. 

[+122, -18] Don't care for him anymore. I feel like he lacks impulse control..

[+110, -23] I remember being quite taken aback when the divorce to his ex-wife first hit the news. He drove the media to make it sound as if it was due to her mistake? and he was also the first to submit the divorce papers, all in quick succession ㅋㅋ It totally made the public think "just how much does he hate her to be behaving like this?" ㅋㅋ but seeing his progress now, it seems clear that he wanted to settle down and have kids whereas Song Hye Gyo wanted to focus on her career. 

[+92, -9] Just stay home with your wife if all you're going to do is worry about your wife at Cannes.. separate your business and private life... ㅡㅡ

[+96, -26] He used to be so popular... but... then or now, I remain on Song Hye Gyo's side...

[+89, -30] Hye Gyo-ssi, I wish you happiness~~

[+56, -8] His popularity dropped hard after he got married to a foreign woman

[+54, -11] He never went through a rookie period. He's always gotten what he's wanted out of his career. If you view this in a positive way, you could say that he's quick to drive his career with precise judgment, but there are side effects that come with driving your career in such a way. Either way, I just don't like him the same way after this second marriage. Same for Lee Seung Gi. Both were amazing men but they just seem so calculating now ㅜㅜ