NCT Dream security guard in legal trouble for use of excessive force against fan at airport

ArticleIdol security guard pushes a fan causing injury requiring 5 weeks of treatment... sent to prosecution

Source: Naver

[+269, -2] The guard didn't even look at her or in her general direction to assess the situation, he just flung her like he's in some jungle and he's clearing weeds out of the way... Who does he think he is? No matter how close that fan was getting, he should've known that she wasn't posing a threat before flinging her like that... He didn't even look! 

[+131, -2] I don't think even the president is guarded on this level

[+42, -1] That's no security guard, that's a mobster

[+32, -0] Yeah, even BTS doesn't get this level of excessive protection. That fan could've died if he was any more reckless...

[+4, -0] Shouldn't a professional security guard be better trained than this? If all that was required of the job was to push everyone out of the way without discernment or proper assessment of the situation, then anyone can do this job. 

[+3, -0] Looks like those guards back in the old days when the king is in town.. why are you flinging someone away just for looking?

[+2, -0] That was excessive

[+2, -0] He's a total thug


Article: NCT Dream fan sues security guard who pushed her causing a fracture requiring 5 weeks of recovery

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+52] Yes, I did think the guard was excessive.. ㅎㅎ

[+42] Yes, it was wrong of the guard to push that hard, but fans are just as wrong for refusing to listen to orders. It's individual people like them that end up forming crowds that overwhelm idols, and they need to learn where the line is... 

[+35] I guess how the fan behaved would matter just as much as what the result of their altercation was... because if the fan was blocking up the paths and not letting the idols get out.. 😮
- [+45] The fan wasn't even that close. She was just on the side taking pictures and then the guard flung her...

[+24] I have noticed that security guards are really over the top. I saw an idol when I was at the airport to go to Japan and I wasn't even a fan or anything, just someone passing by, and they were shouting at me to move... Yeah, it's their job and I get that intimidation is part of the job, but I didn't enjoy being yelled at when I wasn't even doing anything. Behavior like this also reflects on their artist. 

[+19] This security company has had a lot of issues in general. There were a lot of controversies around the stuff they'd post on their Instagram stories, and some securities were caught saying stuff to fans that would be counted as s*xual harassment. They'd even openly judge other singers on their looks and make fun of them for being ugly... I wish all companies would just stop hiring them. 

[+16] I hope no one takes this as an opportunity to blame our Dream. This is completely the fault of the security guard. 

[+16] I saw the video and it did seem a bit excessive... 

[+15] The fan was wrong to come over when they told her not to, but that also doesn't mean you can push someone so hard to the point where they require five weeks of treatment. Their job is to protect their artist, not assault someone. You're a security guard, not a mobster. 

[+14] The security did push her too hard but the fan is not completely innocent either

[+13] Their job is to protect the artist. I don't see what they did wrong if they pushed someone away who got too close to the artist. That's their job. How can any security guard do their job if they're not even allowed to do that? What if they didn't push the fan away and harm was caused to the artist? 

[+12] I don't think the guard was out of line. They told people not to come over but people still chose to rush over. The guard had to respond. I'd rather the guard responds like this than not do anything at all and be left with an artist who's traumatized from the situation. 

[+9] The guard did push hard but this never would've been a problem if people listened the first time they were told not to rush over

[+7] NCT security guards have always been notoriously bad, they're basically mobsters

[+7] He did really push her hard, though.. 😢

[+5] The fan got hurt because she got greedy. The security was just protecting their artist. I guess the court will decide if it was excessive or not but I don't think the court's going to feel too bad once they see that she was jaywalking.