Lee Youngji responds to controversy over her excessive praise of Karina's beauty and upholding toxic lookism culture

Article: Lee Youngji is getting hate for praising Karina for her 'small head size'

Source: Insight via Instagram

When Karina guested on Lee Youngji's show, some viewers found it uncomfortable how Youngji was fixated on Karina's physical beauty, even measuring her head size with her fingers. Netizens commented, "I'm watching the show and Lee Youngji is going way too far to put herself down while praising the guest. I had to turn it off because it got uncomfortable. I'm really so sick and tired of this aspect of Korean culture. From all this talk about having a small head, the mirror, etc... I had to turn it off. You'd never hear this kind of talk or praise in a foreign country. Saying that you're jealous because someone has a small face..." and "I agree. It also bothers me when people see a picture of a celebrity with short hair and then self-deprecate themselves by saying 'But I'd look like Choi Yang Rak if I cut my hair.'"


[+676] Damn, so people can't even praise anyone anymore?

[+577] Of all the things to find uncomfortable, are you kidding me... Maybe these people should actually go and see Karina in real life because I bet you that they won't have anything to say but praise either

[+193] Sounds like these netizens got a glimpse of their mirror while watching the show..

[+126] This made you "uncomfortable"? How about you go and experience what's really "uncomfortable" by cutting off a limb or two. 

[+125] Karina really did look beautiful though

[+93] So when I praise Gong Yoo or Won Bin for being handsome and put myself down for looking like a squid in comparison, this is now making people uncomfortable? Sounds like some of these people need to just put on a hanbok and go live somewhere isolated away from society. 

[+59] Ugh, I'm so sick of these people... sigh

[+31] It made you uncomfortable, huh? How can you live a normal life when such normal things and conversations make you uncomfortable? Go live in isolation on a deserted island... or does that make you uncomfortable too? 

[+27] Youngji does not have low self-esteem.. ㅎㅎ I think she was just praising her beauty with the heart of fangirling. It was a very flirtatious environment over drinks, which I don't think these viewers were able to catch because they turned the show off in the middle...?

[+24] What exactly are they so uncomfortable about... 😑

[+7] Such an exhausting way to live~ have they never heard of a compliment in their entire life? 😑

[+5] The comments are from "Twitter" enough said

[+3] I don't think these netizens "hate this aspect of Korean culture" like they claim, I think they're just taking it out on our culture when what they really hate is what they see in their own mirrors. Karina was beautiful and the show was fun.