Lee Seung Gi hopes to do more good deeds with wife Lee Da In

Article: Lee Seung Gi "Lee Da In and I share similar values... I want to live life doing good deeds"

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+246] He's trying so hard to make her sound good
- [+12] Yeah, I understand having aligning values with your partner but not all values are good values.. and it's obvious he's trying so hard to make her sound like a good person and Kang Ho Dong is desperately trying to play along...

[+203] Pfft... go.. good deeds??

[+127] Just keep laughing, guys 😂

[+121] Huh??? Good deeds??? If you want to make up for all the bad deeds that that household has done, you're going to need hundreds of more years of good deeds

[+79] You're going to have to spend your entire life doing good deeds if you want to make up for their evils...

[+76] This is so fake ㅋㅋ because if she really wanted to do "good deeds" with her life, she could never show off all those luxury things on her SNS when she knows that it was all bought off the blood and tears of the people her parents ruined ㅋㅋ If she truly felt sorry or apologetic for any of it, she couldn't have worn that tiara at her wedding ㅋㅋ I don't get why he bothers talking about stuff like this and just riling up people even more... unless he's really that thoughtless? 

[+44] Good deeds???????? Puhahahaha, you're hilarious

[+36] No one asked, no one cares, just change the channel... I can't even stand seeing his CFs anymore. 

[+30] Unless you're actually going to be paying back money to the victims, don't bother saying this stuff on TV!

[+28] Can't even take him seriously anymore

[+18] Lee Da In could easily pay back the victims' families with the stocks she owns already since it was inherited after all ^^ and unless you're going to do that, anything you say out of your mouths will be taken as a joke

[+16] I feel like he's purposely being more annoying because he knows that everyone hates him now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what a funny guy

[+15] She probably buttered Lee Seung Gi up by spinning the story as if she was the victim in this whole thing, how it's her father to blame, how she's a victim just like him~;;

[+13] No one asked, no one cares. Even his face looks like it's changed after marriage. He doesn't look like a good person. 

[+12] "Values"... ㅎ

[+7] Ah, yeah, sure.....

[+6] Is he slow? Or shameless...

[+3] Just accept the fate that you've chosen

[+1] Values? You mean the value of scamming innocent people out of their money and living lavishly off of it? I suppose that's a shared value.