Le Sserafim's teeny appetites surprise fans

Article: Le Sserafim's appetite is satisfied with three members splitting one ramyeon packet

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+148] Sigh... I'm reading this as I just finish a large tub of froyo...?? But I'm going back tomorrow to buy some more because it's so good ❤️

[+79] What does that make me, someone who needs three packets of bibimyeon at once... 🐷
- [+2] You are now nine members of Le Sserafim, congratulations

[+72] Bang Shi Hyuk is advancing into extreme obesity while his kids are whithering away. Please eat nutritiously and take care of your healths, guys.

[+36] Eh.... I'm sure they snack in between.. I doubt their agency would let them starve themselves or anything, especially since they have separate trainers watching over them...

[+34] Wait, you all are finishing a can of Pringles...? Nevermind how full it makes you, it's just too salty. 

[+18] Oh, come on. I understand having small appetites but this is just wrong ㅋㅋ I wish girl groups would stop with these lies and know that it's okay to eat as much as you want. 

[+4] They're joking, right???

[+1] Well, they also claimed they can't finish a can of Pringles so they must just have tiny appetites

[+1] They share one ramyeon packet...? The same ramyeon packet that doesn't even make a dent in my hunger?...

[+1] It's okay to not eat a lot but please watch your health...

[+1] I'm just glad that it's not their agency restricting their food, it's just their appetites. Though I wonder if their appetites have grown so small because their agency has been restricting them for so long and they've gotten used to it. 

[+1] I guess there's a reason why the members are so thin

[+-] Are they human ㅠ I thought everyone only felt full off of two packets at least 

[+-] I really wonder if they feel full off of that?

[+-] This is such a blatant lie, what the f*ck