Karina declares she doesn't want to bleach her hair again after going blonde

Article: "Never going blonde again" Karina declares this will be the last time she bleaches her hair

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+571] "I look like a singed sparrow after I shower" ma'am, the rest of us just look singed, period.

[+373] The beginnings of balding start with bleaching your hair

[+205] Bleaching your hair really is just putting a death sentence on it.. And to get her level of color, it probably required 2-3 bleaches too

[+65] I felt like my scalp suffered more than my hair when I bleached it... 😢

[+25] Really amazing how Rose and Lisa can keep up with their blonde colors

[+23] The magic of bleach is that it makes you go "I'm never doing this again!!" and then you do it again...

[+20] It took me five years of growing my hair out to fully get rid of my once-bleached hair ㅋㅋ please don't do it, guys

[+12] She looks great with black hair but the blonde feels fresh and new too ❤️

[+5] She shouldn't do it, she looks great with black hair anyway

[+-] I remember Choa struggled with having to bleach her hair as well ㅎㅎ