IU raises awareness for taking care of your eyes by wearing sunglasses

Article: "Always make sure you wear sunglasses" IU explains eye sensitivity in sunlight

Source: Han via Naver

[+152, -2] Growing up, I always saw adults wearing sunglasses and thought it was to look cool, but now that I'm older, I notice that my eye doctor recommends wearing sunglasses regularly as well. 

[+96, -3] Sunglasses are a must in other countries. Most wear it for their health whereas Koreans for some reason think you're just trying to look cool. I read that you're more susceptible to cataracts if you don't wear it outside. Please bring sunglasses as a necessity when you go out, guys.

[+49, -2] If you don't wear sunglasses when you're younger, you're going to be spending thousands on eye treatments when you get older. Please get into the habit of wearing them at a young age. It's difficult to repair damaged eyes. It's best to take care of them while you have them.

[+7, -0] Perhaps we should start by changing the notion that sunglasses are a fashion item first..

[+4, -0] My eyes feel so dry after just 10 minutes under the sun at a ski resort

[+2, -0] IU's struggling with both hearing and eye sight.. ㅜㅜ don't get hurt, please

[+1, -0] My father's always worn sunglasses since a young and he's in his eighties now and still has good sight. Sunglasses definitely help with eye health.