International fans take an interest in Korean cuisine through J-Hope's military training menu

Article: Fans all over the world show an interest in boot camp cafeteria food with BTS J-Hope's enlistment... natural interest in Korean cuisine

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+553, -61] The Ministry of Defense is using BTS for their own promotion once again, tsk tsk. When will they learn that this will always backfire on them? tsk tsk

[+302, -5] I hope that this will become an opportunity for cafeteria food served in the military to improve, for my own son as well! And another natural avenue for kimchi to be further recognized as Korean. Wishing all of our soldiers a healthy service!

[+135, -16] Not all camps get food like this. This feels biased.

[+43, -7] I remember when I was training at Nonsan, the rice was basically inedible unless I dumped it all into my soup

[+27, -0] The trays look a bit staged but my son did mention that the food he's served is very tasty. Instead of harping on them, let's all try and take this as an opportunity to make sure our soldiers are all being fed healthy and well.

[+24, -0] No one actually believes these pictures ㅋㅋㅋ They couldn't do a better pohtoshop job? It looks like they printed out pictures of food and pasted them onto the tray..

[+13, -0] Fans Photoshopped the images to share among themselves so enough with the accusations of biased treatment. None of us are sure if he's actually being fed this well but I hope that all of our soldiers are being fed as well as these photos!

[+14, -2] No soldier in training is allowed a cellphone... so who took the pictures and posted them??? Although I do agree with everyone that I do hope there is improvement and change in the military cafeterias.
- [+2, -0] These aren't internal pictures. Fans took the menu that The Camp posts and photoshopped the pictures together to get a visual. 

[+8, -0] It only takes a few minutes for you all to read the article and see that The Camp posts their menu so fans made photo inspirations of it. Enough with the accusations of special treatment about being allowed to use his phone or whatever.

[+5, -1] These pictures were photoshopped by fans based off of The Camp's menu (as a way of sharing information, informing international fans that this is what the food looks like). These aren't images posted by the military at all, and I think people are misunderstanding it because it was posted alongside the article. Please do not accuse him of special treatment. If anything, us fans were actually upset at how empty his soup looked in the actual pictures of him taken at the cafeteria. It's really annoying how Koreans only care about BTS when it benefits them and are otherwise trying to tear them down like this ㅋㅋㅋ this is why fans always consider BTS being Korean as their biggest con..

[+4, -0] The images aren't official, they're just fan-made to get a visual of what their menu is like.