Fans protest the Netflix release of Sulli's interviews and posthumous work

 Article: "I was scared of fame" Unreleased interview of the late Sulli causes a stir... will her posthumous work be revealed?

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

[+1,265, -20] Such a loss.. she shined bright at such a young age..

[+770, -73] You need a strong family foundation to develop sound mental health, but Sulli's family neglected her at the hands of SM... Despite being so pretty, she's always had an unstable mindset, which caused her to attract seedy people looking to manipulate her. She ended up with Choiza, who seemingly promised her a 'normal life' in her twenties, which was fine and all, until that song he wrote about her was released ㅋㅋ He basically condemned her to the ranks of low-class men and let them think that they could have a chance with her. Choiza is seriously the worst human being ever. Just the title of the song alone makes me want to kill him. 

[+895, -335] I still think Choiza should carry much more of the blame considering how much more of an adult he was supposed to be in their relationship. It just shows how important who you surround yourself in life is. I'm sure he influenced her life in a lot of ways...

[+161, -39] Stuff like this reminds me that Netflix is an American corporation after all and that they have no problem exploiting anything as long as it makes them money

[+115, -5] Sad...

[+104, -11] I don't think some of these comments understand what happened at the time... At the time of her death, the majority of her hate comments were written by extremely p*rverted men, which was a fire that was set and stoked by that disgusting, vomit-inducing man of a human being, Choiza. He was so crazy with greed about bragging about his relationship with a young, pretty idol like Sulli... that he basically wrote those disgusting lyrics and left her to the wolves of s*xual harassment comments. Ajummas actually adored Sulli, and I'm sure some similar-aged women were jealous of her, but the majority of her hate comments were s*xual harassment comments from men. Sulli lived an unfortunate life..

[+80, -4] Please do not release this. Please let her go and allow her to be forgotten by the public. Unless you're going to create an episode of every single s*icide in our country, do not exploit her death for your own income.

[+70, -7] And Choiza will continue to go on to live a happy life, have children of his own, a son, a daughter... but remember what you did to Sulli!! None of what you did may have been illegal in the eyes of the law, but your heart knows you were immoral!!

[+62, -1] So unfortunate about both Sulli and Goo Hara, it's sad to think that we won't be able to see their pretty smiles ever again

[+42, -5] I always wonder if her life would've turned out differently if she dated a church guy instead of Choiza

[+36, -0] Don't release this. This is not America. America disgusts me with their justification of anything as long as it benefits capitalism. Just quietly let her go. I ask this once again: do not release this.

[+36, -2] Please just let her rest in peace... and please bring down the harshest punishment of all in Choiza, something worse than death, for failing to protect Sulli and instead s*xualizing her to the eyes of lecherous men. 

[+30, -3] That 14 year age gap between her and Choiza, it makes me throw up... She was only a '94er, she had no business with some '80er ajusshi ㅠㅠ 

[+25, -1] Please just let it go~ let her rest in peace! Please! I don't care how much money you can make off of this, just don't~

[+22, -2] Goo Hara and Sulli both grew up in unstable families, and I think that developed into depression once they matured into adults

[+18, -1] The sad reality of seeing her life being used for profit even after death..

[+8, -0] Goo Hara, Sulli... such rotten luck in life with the families they ended up with, the men they ended up with... In your next lives, please be born into loving families and date loving men..

[+5, -0] Please leave her alone... Releasing stuff like this is only torturing her further after her death, and using her life for your own gain...