Yoo Ah In's CF fines are racking up

Article: 800 million won in modeling payments, over 10 CFs filmed... Will Yoo Ah In pay the 10 billion won owed in contract breach penalties?

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+818, -54] This is his first offense so I reckon he'll end up with probation. He will get his money's worth in spending millions of won on lawyers. At least we know now to boycott any future movies or TV shows he'll be on. So disgusting of our judges to favor criminals like this...

2. [+383, -10] I remember he said that he felt empty being able to make so much money and it seems like it's a cause of making it too easily. How could people like him ever know the worth of true sweat and blood? He can fix that empty feeling by being fined for his wealth and returning it to society.

3. [+168, -4] Of course he should have to pay that. He's made money too easily all his life, and it's time that he shows some responsibility for his actions.

4. [+66, -0] Yes, he should pay it... Those companies contracted with him for his good image, not for some druggie to be promoting their products. 

5. [+64, -1] Celebrities make such easy money

6. [+45, -0] The fact that he's paid over 800 million won in modeling fees alone...... which, in the end, is up to the consumers to pay off...... Let's please stop buying products that use expensive CF models..

7. [+35, -0] He should pay that and also compensate all the staff members as well. His career may be just a hobby for him but this money means food on the table for everyone else.

8. [+18, -0] Pointless to argue about~ he owns millions upon millions, he's not batting an eye at being fined 10 billion won. Just look at how Seungri's been behaving since getting out of jail, he's already partying it up. Old habits die hard, people.

9. [+17, -0] His life's over, isn't it? He needs to think about how he's going to go back to living life as his real name Um Hong Shik. 

10. [+11, -0] He'll be fine even after he pays all these fines off so these companies better make sure they get their lawsuits in order and get every cent they're owed