Will there be another season of 'The Glory'?

Article: Fans of 'The Glory' are theorizing about a 'part 3'

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+591] I don't think it's actually necessary.. We already saw a glimpse of the beginnings of a revenge, and I think that's enough

2. [+226] Eh... I think ending on an open ending is better 

3. [+171] Maybe not another full-length drama but I think it'd be great to see a spin-off movie like how 'Kingdom' gave Jun Ji Hyun an hour-long movie.

4. [+100] If they add a third part, I think the drama will feel like it's never ending. Dongeun got her revenge, and all the characters that were meant to die have died. 'The Glory' has fulfilled its purpose. Remember when 'Penthouse' went for a third season and the plot basically got lost and viewers were mad? ㅋㅋㅋ Sometimes you just have to know to back down while the applause is still going.

5. [+74] I think dramas leave a stronger impression when they leave just a hint of wanting more but not actually delivering on it

6. [+69] It's best that the drama ends now while people are happy with it

7. [+49] I don't think so... Maybe a prequel but I think even the scriptwriter knows that a third part would be too obvious of a story line. Leaving it as an open ending with the beginning of Joo Yeo Jung's revenge is the perfect place to end it. 

8. [+33] I want a third part 🙏

9. [+9] I could see another part where Yeonjin and that murderer work together to get a counter-revenge... the villain + villain combo 👏 I'm already excited just thinking about it ❤️

10. [+2] The text message says... August 2023... so maybe something will come out

11. I think the first two parts were perfect, a third will just ruin the drama's prestige

12. [+46] Probably for the best that they end it here

13. Need a Jun Jae Joon spin off

14. A third part will basically ruin the drama.. What more can you do with people who have been jailed and sentenced to death? 

15. Can we get a Ha Do Young spin off!!!! Please ㅠㅠ

16. A third part would mean the drama goes from being about school violence to just... a murder revenge, which I don't think is right

17. People are getting too greedy... Look what happened to 'Penthouse' ㅋㅋ

18. If you guys want to see Joo Yeo Jung get his revenge as a prison doctor, just go watch 'Doctor Prisoner'~