Taeyeon posts a 'resignation letter' parody on SNS

Video: Is Taeyeon going to leave?! Talks of Taeyeon cutting ties with SM swirl

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+111] I don't think anyone predicted that Kakao was going to win...

2. [+96] Taeyeon's at a level now where she can be like IU and set up her own agency and her own team and pursue her career with the freedom of an artist. It may take a few years to set it all up but I think that's the most fitting future I see for her.

3. [+56] I think Taeyeon is setting up a good future for herself as an artist. SM is good at managing idols but they never really support their growth as an artist or give them enough freedom to pursue it.

4. [+53] Taeyeon will do fine in any agency... If anything, SM has caged her for too long as an idol that she hasn't been able to show her full potential yet.

5. [+17] Taeyeon got her concert postponed because of Got the Beat, I'd be pissed if I were her too

6. [+16] Taeyeon's a top soloist, no need to stay in SM at all

7. [+16] Everyone's going to try to leave now that SM is flopping

8. [+14] Only an artist of Taeyeon's level would get away with posting something like this, but I'm sure a lot of the singers under SM are feeling the same way as her

9. [+14] I bet a lot of SM artists are going to leave as Free Agents after all this blows over ㅎㅎ A lot of the singers who built the foundation for SM aren't selling as well these days which means Kakao will leave them on the backburner... Lee Soo Man was the one who made sure they were all kept relevant and fed. 

10. [+13] I wish Taeyeon would set up her own agency. I feel like she'd be great at it.
- [+12] She knows how to sing but that's about it ㅋㅋ
- [+13] It's not as easy as that....