Actress Shim Eun Woo thinks it's unfair that she remains branded as a school bully despite apologizing

Article: Shim Eun Woo expresses hardship over being branded as 'the second Yeonjin' for "apologizing for school violence controversy"

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+1,171, -27] Yeonjin worked hard at building her life as a weather caster. She didn't commit her life to only being a bully, right? Lee Sara was also not just a druggie but a hard-working artist as well. Hyejung worked hard to become a flight attendant, right? So do you think being an actress makes you more special or something?! You bullied someone to the point where the victim couldn't take the bus for two years and her parents had to drive her to school. Burning someone with a hair iron isn't the only form of school violence.

2. [+854, -10] Society needs to be as harsh on s*x offenders and school bullies to the point where people think we're going too far. They are destroyers of lives.

3. [+648, -21] I mean, you call yourself an actress but... I have no idea who you are~~

4. [+585, -18] If you have done anything wrong in your life, whether that be school violence or anything else, it's in your own best interest to stay away from jobs in the public eye like athletes or celebrities. You should have some shame, no?

5. [+329, -16] Too bad for you because viewers don't want to watch bullies on their screens

6. [+92, -0] There are plenty of actors who are not only beautiful but live moral lives. There's no reason that people like you should be given opportunities. It may have happened in your past, you have been immature, but bullying a classmate is not a normal thing one does. It's an issue that stems from your roots as a human being, and those roots grow straight into who you become as an adult, as a parent later in life.

7. [+86, -1] She claims she doesn't remember what she exactly did in middle school but she looks young enough where she should be able to remember it. Claiming that you just "don't remember" feels like a lazy way out.

8. [+68, -1] Isn't it so odd how it's always the bullies who never remember what happened..

9. [+62, -1] Just because you reflected doesn't mean what happened in the past didn't happen. Life isn't so easy, is it~~!!

10. [+61, -0] You're no different from when Yeonjin said, "And what did we do to her? I really don't remember~ was it really anything bad?" Meanwhile, Moon Dongeun's life stopped right there...

11. [+47, -1] You're the bully and you dare complain about how unfair all of this is? How are you going to turn back the time your victim lost instead?

12. [+35, -1] So why did you do what you did? Your victim is still out there suffering to death because of you. How dare you come out and cosplay as the victim now?

13. [+31, -0] Shim Eun Woo-nim! What's important here is that it doesn't matter if you don't remember what happened... it's that your victim does. Sometimes it's even the littlest of things in life that people hold on to all their lives... even if that action meant nothing to you that day. 

14. [+28, -0] So what is she complaining about? That she was a school bully but she wasn't as bad as Yeonjin so she thinks it's unfair that people are calling her Yeonjin? That's really so shameless... and sounds like she doesn't feel sorry at all.

15. [+19, -2] No mercy should be given to bullies. Society needs to be shown that action will be taken against them to prevent school bullying in the current and future.