'The Glory' Jung Sung Il shares stories from his upbringing in extreme poverty

Article: 'The Glory' Ha Do Young shares he was raised by older nuna of two years without a mother... satiated hunger by drinking puddle water

Source: Insight via Instagram

"When I was in fourth grade... I'd wait for my nuna at the playground. There were paving blocks around the playground, and sometimes I'd get so hungry before she came that I'd wait for the sand to settle under the water that gathered in the crevices so I could drink it. Sometimes that's how I'd fill my stomach. My nuna would call me crazy and to just wait until she gets there. She had the ability to make delicious things with only the ingredients we had at home. She's two years older than me, which means she was in elementary school herself at the time. It breaks my heart now to think about it. I was young but my nuna was a baby herself. She's never once cried in front of me, though." 


1. [+1,483] You did not drink water from a puddle... you drank clean water. In the tropics, that's how some people drink water. Perhaps it's through these experiences that your acting has gained the ability to seem so controlled, to deliver so much through your eyes alone. Please continue to be a great actor~

2. [+556] I'm crying ㅠㅠ what a beautiful, precious pair of siblings.. I wish you much success 🙏🏼

3. [+425] I will always remember you as Jung Sung Il, not Ha Do Young

4. [+473] Aigoo ㅠㅠ I'm so glad that he's successful now

5. [+279] He may not have had good parents but I'm so glad he had an amazing nuna to look after him. His nuna was so young herself... I wish you a happy life full of gratitude for her!!! 👏👏👏

6. [+47] His nuna is amazing 👏

7. [+37] His acting always has this classy aura to it, a kind of vibe that you feel like you can't just approach... Now I see that it comes from a depth within him from experiences beyond our imaginations. Thank you for growing up into such a great man.

8. [+113] Let's see you in more great dramas!

9. [+16] "My nuna was a baby herself" this line makes me so sad

10. [+35] Despite such a difficult upbringing, he grew up to be such a kind, upright man. You can tell how much work his nuna put into raising him right. Now that you've suffered a life's worth of suffering in your youth, I'm sure only happy days await you ^^