Hanni reveals New Jeans doesn't record songs with a vocal guide

Video: New Jeans is the only idol group that doesn't use a vocal guide

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+239] What makes New Jeans special is how natural their vocals and choreography are. Haerin's dancing is so cool and it seems like the other members have quite the experience in dance as well.

2. [+186] I like that they don't have any of that metaverse stuff
- [+21] For real, that metaverse crap is so cringe..
- [+8] Groups really need to quit it with that stuff
- [+5] They don't have their own metaverse but they do have a lot of themes going on in their image like IVE...
- [+4] ^ Well, yeah, all idols have concepts

3. [+122] It's amazing. I didn't know until Hanni said that they weren't given guide vocals. I never went out of my way to get into this group because of allt he hype surrounding them but now I see how they found that natural flow to their image. There's something so natural about all of them on stage and I think having the talent to back it all up is what makes them shine..

4. [+106] I find their vocal trainer to be quite amazing as well. Their vocals definitely don't sound like typical idols but there's an odd balance to it that is so nice to listen to ㅎㅎ

5. [+92] New Jeans just... makes you feel good. You don't see them and think "oh my god celebrities!" Their dancing feels like a group you'd see at a school festival, which is not to say they seem average but that they perfectly convey the exciting feelings and energy of a school festival in their aura. They're not an idol group that you want to see more of just because they're pretty.. they seem more than that. 

6. [+70] Their success is thanks to their agency's fresh directing but I do think the members worked hard to not only live up to those standards but pull them off so perfectly. Recording songs without a guide vocal, being told to dance as one but not force themselves to be in sync... those are things that you either get or you don't. I respect the members a lot for pulling it all off.

7. [+31] You can tell that they're genuine about every single song they release. It covers all the areas from addictive qualities to public appeal. I like all of their voices, and I like that there's nothing too overstimulating about their music... it's just very easy to listen to.

8. [+13] There was a voice in 'Ditto' that stood out to me and it was Hyein... I really love her vocal tone ㅠㅠ

9. [+8] I remember getting goosebumps when they first debuted... like I was seeing the rebirth of a first generation idol

10. [+12] Things I only notice in New Jeans and not in other groups: #1 They're respectful to everyone in a natural way. They don't force themselves to sound nice or pretty. #2 There's no weird message going on in their lyrics. It all just fits. Like leaving the house in a pair of well fitting jeans. 

11. [+18] Probably the best combination of visuals in a girl group I've ever seen. I'm grateful to get to see them all together.

12. [+15] They're even more perfect because they don't have any cringy rap lines ㅎㅎ

13. [+21] No Chinese members, no Gangnam beauties, no lazy members, no member discrimination... just these qualities alone make them appealing

14. [+10] I like that they don't have any of that Kwangya, metaverse, girl crush image nonsense

15. [+10] Min CEO must've been super pissed off with SM for her to debut a group with completely the opposite of everything SM stands for ㅋㅋㅋㅋ