'The Glory' viewers admonish Netflix for splitting up the series

Article: It's already ranked 5th globally just 2 days into release... but why are people boycotting 'The Glory'?

Source: Financial News via Naver

1. [+2,388, -32] When drama series have breaks between seasons, it actually makes me lose interest and steam..

2. [+1,646, -18] March will be here quicker than you know it. I hope that anyone who's committed bullying or violence in their past continues to live in anxiety... I wish nothing but happiness for all the victims in the world.

3. [+958, -5] I hope this drama is watched by all the bullies who are living life like they did nothing wrong. Please live your life in pain and misery~~

4. [+563, -2] I'm sure all the real life bullies are thinking just like the ones in the drama, wondering "Were we really that bad? What did we even do?" Please know that karma will get you back. You will always be miserable wherever you are.

5. [+484, -4] I heard that the hair straightener bullying actually happened at a middle school 20 years ago. It's actually terrifying that a lot of the bullying scenes in dramas and movies are pulled from cases that happened in real life.

6. [+306, -3] At the very least, please give us season two on Lunar New Year day

7. [+303, -2] The main point of this drama is that school bullies as kids grow up to be no different as adults. They may never feel any regret or remorse even on their death beds. Humans were never meant to be fixed.

8. [+260, -15] The whole point of Netflix was to be able to binge watch shows. What's the point anymore, splitting shows up like this? 

9. [+192, -8] All I want to say is that this drama is frustratingly good and I'm actually angry that I have to wait this long for season two

10. [+171, -10] I totally agree with the comments that this drama has marked the transformation of Song Hye Gyo into a real actor, and her willingness to let go thick make up to look dolled up..

11. [+113, -4] I don't know why Netflix went with this split... it's not like the episodes were released once a week. They released it all at once and are now forcing us to wait months for the next set. That totally ruins the steam.

12. [+76, -0] I hate the fact that they split up a normal 16 episode series