'The Glory' fan theory suspects plastic surgery revenge

Article: "Moon Dongeun -> will become Park Yeonjin" fan theory of plastic surgery rumors on 'The Glory'

Source: Insight via Instagram

A 'The Glory' fan theory has gone viral claiming that Moon Dongeun will get plastic surgery to become Park Yeonjin through various clues gleaned from the trailer. 

1. [+253] I just hope the drama doesn't go in too random of a direction.. It's already good as it is..

2. [+169] I don't like the theories about plastic surgery ㅠ It's such a cheap form of revenge, even if she does end up taking away and owning all of Park Yeonjin's life

3. [+145] Aren't they different heights?

4. [+77] Too big of a height difference... and you can't get plastic surgery on your voice either

5. [+37] I think the plastic surgery part is more about fixing her burn wounds...

6. [+11] So how will she live the rest of her life looking in the mirror and seeing the person she hates the most? 

7. [+3] Well, technically you can get height surgery, it just takes a really long time

8. [+2] ㅋㅋ You guys can't expect 'Penthouse' writing from 'The Glory' writer... they're on different playing fields. There's just no way she'd write something so makjang... 

9. I did briefly think that after seeing that Lee Do Hyun is a plastic surgeon but it's too obvious of a twist, isn't it?

10. [+7] I wouldn't completely rule it off... because I did wonder why that particular character is a doctor... It makes sense to me, but it does feel a bit 'American drama-ish'

11. [+9] I wouldn't put much weight to it, it's just fans coming up with fun theories~

12. [+1] That would make part two just full on makjang ㅋㅋㅋ

13. I think they included these hints in the trailer to make people predict obvious twists like this but it will actually go in a different direction

14. That would mean Song Hye Gyo would stop appearing in the second half, which doesn't really make sense

15. One of 'The Glory' staff already said that none of the fan theories out right now are right

16. [+4] Sorry but the idea of living as the face of my tormenter terrifies me, I'd rather not;;;