Minji reveals her older brother's serving in the army

Article: New Jeans Minji "My oppa is in the army... dongsaeng is class president, I feel proud of them"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+880] Wow, her oppa's got it made in the army... "You have a dongsaeng?" "New Jeans Minji" game over...
- [+10] He has to hide it as if his life depends on it or else everyone's going to bother him about calling her to visit him

2. [+406] I wouldn't say her oppa's got it made. If anything, being her oppa has probably made his service worse. From seniors to juniors, they're all going to approach him hoping to get anything they can about Minji. How exhausting must that be?

3. [+204] I think it would be easier for him to be anonymous rather than everyone knowing that Minji's his dongsaeng... not sure why people are assuming it'll make his life easier

4. [+305] Well, this hyung is going to have an easy service, then..

5. [+56] If his seniors mess with him, all he has to say is 'Hype Boy' and he'll be exempt from all training

6. [+4] Full time job: New Jeans' Minji oppa 👍🏻

7. [+10] He'll get found out either way even if he acts like he doesn't know or care about her ㅋㅋ