Lee Shi Young responds to criticisms on taking her young son to climb Hallasan

Article: Lee Shi Young criticized over safety concerns of bringing her son to hike up the Hallasan "I asked him ten times and he said yes"

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+1,531, -151] You're so cool~

2. [+1,235, -46] I find it funny that she's getting hate comments about this at all. She sounds like a great mom. What's the fuss about?

3. [+478, -41] She's amazing. She lives such a kind and happy life. Fighting.

4. [+263, -8] No point in responding to hate comments. As long as you're not breaking any law, just do what you want, how you want.

5. [+155, -19] That sounds amazing

6. [+174, -45] So what if she asked him ten times if he wanted to go along? How can you expect a child to have the proper judgment to discern whether this is a safe trip for himself? So if an accident had happened on the climb, would saying that the child "consented" to the climb absolve her of her responsibility of keeping him safe?

7. [+132, -5] I remember reading from an expert that you're not supposed to ask your child for their opinion on situations regarding their safety. The parent should make a clear decision based on their own judgment to impart proper training to the child so that they can make these decisions for themselves when they're older.

8. [+122, -24] I don't think most of you have actually climbed this... because the climb is extremely steep, and one misstep can cause a fall. For her to have her kid on her back on a climb where weight and balance are everything may seem like an amazing feat when seen like this but it's also ignorant of basic safety rules. I guess we should all be glad that an accident didn't actually happen... but let's please minimize these risks in the future.

9. [+95, -17] Sure, it's easy to ask a kid anything since they'll say yes to any situation that they don't fully understand... but what if she fell? And tumbled down? That's just dooming the child to death, isn't it? Parents don't do these climbs because of those risks.

10. [+49, -10] I think people are hating over nothing... she deserves our support~!

11. [+32, -4] If the child didn't want to go, he would've said so. How many times were you able to convince your own child to go somewhere they didn't want to? It's impossible to force them to do anything. Lee Shi Young is amazing.

12. [+35, -8] Not sure why this is so controversial... I'm sure this was great for the kid's growth and will be remembered fondly by him in the future.