AOA's Kwon Mina reveals she was scammed out of an Hermes bag on a used auction site

Article: Former AOA member Kwon Mina gets scammed from Hermes bag purchase on Joonggonara

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+163] I give her a round of applause for her bravery at even attempting to buy an Hermes bag on Joonggonara 👏👏

2. [+7] This is the kind of site where you order a camera and receive a brick ㅋㅋ

3. [+7] Just use Carrot Market. It's all local so you can see the item before purchase, and Carrot Pay offers a layer of protection for payments sent ^^

4. [+6] Joonggonara has always been a controversial marketplace

5. [+5] I have a lot to say but won't say it ㅋ

6. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Hopefully she isn't making this up? ㅎ Perhaps she should've shared her chat log for this to be more believable. I can't imagine what would possess someone to publicly post about how they were scammed out of 50 million won like this. And then to end the post saying she's preparing to launch her own business? It makes this feel like an attempt at noise marketing.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,220, -8] What an eventful life she lives..

2. [+739, -31] So she entered into a transaction worth 50 million won and just trusted them to send it in the post? Without seeing their face? Does she think these auction sites are shopping malls? There are so many people with stories of receiving a box of bricks from Joonggonara.. Please use your brain to live your life...

3. [+572, -60] You should all be hating on the scammer, not the victim. Just because the scammer got away with it doesn't mean the victim deserved it.

4. [+437, -7] You have to be insane to purchase anything for 50 million won on Joonggonara

5. [+178, -39] This attention wh*re is so dense in the head~~ tsk tsk

6. [+70, -4] Her life must be pretty good if she's throwing around money of this amount

7. [+41, -0] And here she is crawling back out again

8. [+36, -1] She seems like the type of person who needs to have drama in her life at all times or she can't stand it

9. [+15, -1] Isn't this the kid who posted pictures of herself smoking with a man in a hotel room?

10. [+14, -1] I still think Jimin took the bullets for all the struggles the other AOA members were dealing with because of Mina

11. [+13, -0] Why is she always so eager to show how dumb she is?

12. [+12, -1] The other AOA members are working hard at living their own lives, but for years now, she's only been in the news for attention wh*ring and getting into scandals