Hook Entertainment hit with scandal after scandal from Park Min Young's ex-boyfriend controversy

Article: Park Min Young's dating scandal makes a huge impact... unending waves of problems arising

Source: Newsis via Naver

1. [+780, -9] They're all birds of a feather in the end

2. [+530, -13] Can't help but see Park Min Young and Sung Yuri differently after this... all that partying, spending 100 million won on drinks in one night... Park Min Young getting her sister hired at the ex's firm... And Sung Yuri claims she wasn't involved but how after receiving a 3 billion won investment from him? You were all greedy... that's the only answer.

3. [+276, -12] I'm honestly surprised at how thick skinned Park Min Young is in front of the camera

4. [+71, -1] Man;;; they must really be into money... Sung Yuri, too, even after all that talk about being deeply religious... they're all just scammers in the end...

5. [+69, -0] Ex-boyfriend X sponsor O

6. [+55, -0] Sung Yuri's excuse is the funniest to me. She's the "CEO" and yet she claims she doesn't handle the running of it  ㅋㅋㅋ 

7. [+48, -0] There's no end to human greed... you would think at their level of wealth, that most people would be satisfied with how much they've amassed.. but it's never ending. Learning to be satisfied with what you have is an important lesson in life. You're blessed to live 100 years, why waste so much of it on the pursuit of greed? You're born empty-handed and leave this earth empty-handed.

8. [+34, -1] Money really must be the end-all when men like him who spend hundreds of thousands a night at the club, whose income comes from shady sources are constantly surrounded by celebrities all the time.. and that's why these actresses will never be A-tier

9. [+27, -0] A rag is a rag no matter how well you wash it

10. [+25, -1] Park Min Young was really the domino that set it all off

11. [+25, -2] Lee Seung Gi doesn't really have much going for him either... he chose to get in bed with a scammer the minute he started dating Lee Da In. I've long since given up on him.. the relationship really put a new light on him.

12. [+14, -1] Park Min Young's celebrity career is over...

13. [+12, -0] So disappointed in Park Min Young and Sung Yuri

14. [+10, -1] Looks like her agency was just using their actors to make money off of sponsors, tsk tsk

15. [+8, -1] Female celebrities must really be foolish to be constantly getting involved with these fraudsters time after time