Ghanaian twins in Korea apologize on YouTube after being harassed online following World Cup game

Article: "Sorry for supporting Ghana"... Ghanaian YouTube twins bow their head in apology

Source: The Joongang via Naver

1. [+3,682, -8] It's expected of them to support Ghana... If I were in Ghana, I would be showing my support for South Korea as well. I like that they're honest...

2. [+2,175, -8] Why are they apologizing for supporting their own country?

3. [+1,323, -6] Isn't it to be expected for a Ghanaian to support their own country? Why is there an apology video over this? Why would you hate on them for supporting their country? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

4. [+469, -3] What's so wrong about a Ghanaian supporting their own country~ support your team all you want...

5. [+218, -1] They're simply cheering for their own country, as they should

6. [+204, -1] Why are people like this ㅡㅡ; why can't you all just enjoy a sport for what it is. Why go all the way to their channel and make them bow their head in apology? So if a gyopo cheered for the Korean team, should he apologize to the Americans too? We should all be free to support whatever team we want. It's annoying how wild people have gotten.

7. [+169, -0] Why is an apology necessary? Even if a Ghanaian lived in Korea for 100 years, they're still a Ghanaian and have every right to cheer for Ghana. Why would they cheer for another country? To whoever was criticizing them, if you were to ever move overseas, are you never going to cheer for Korea again? 

8. [+75, -0] How are you guys not embarrassed... harassing a Ghanaian for cheering for their own country. So if you all went to live in the US, are you going to cheer for the US instead of Korea?

9. [+69, -0] Korean people are so crazy, who else would a Ghanaian cheer for other than the Ghanaian team?

10. [+63, -0] Uh, isn't it to be expected for someone to cheer for their mother country???? Whatever was the reason that caused them to leave their motherland aside, I'm sure Ghana is always still in their hearts... why should they be sorry for that???? Please cheer for your country all you want

11. [+59, -1] Whoever left hate comments to them, you are an embarrassment to our country. I have a feeling most of them might've been foreigners pretending to be Koreans to make us look bad. I hope the Ghanaian twin brothers don't feel too bad over this...

12. [+46, -1] Stop taking our loss out on them. They have every right to cheer for their home country. Ugh, I'm so embarrassed... ㅠㅠ

13. [+27, -1] Of course a Ghanaian would cheer for Ghana, why would you expect them to cheer for Korea? Our country's such a mess with all these crazies running around.

14. [+26, -0] Why apologize for this? All the people who caused this controversy are the problem.

15. [+25, -1] There is nothing wrong with a Ghanaian person for supporting their own country. This is nothing to apologize for. If anyone is at fault, it's the people who are hating on you.


Article: Hate comment terror "Leave Korea"... Ghanaian twins eventually apologize

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+2,468, -12] Change your perspective... Imagine if you were living in Japan right now. Would you cheer for Japan in a Japan vs Korea match? You would obviously cheer for your own country's win, naturally..

2. [+1,196, -4] Absoultely normal for a Ghanaian to cheer for Ghana

3. [+600, -2] Are the haters psychos... why would you have an issue with a Ghanaian cheering for Ghana

4. [+403, -2] Huh? Who else would a Ghanaian cheer for than Ghana...? Just like how I'm Korean so I would cheer for Korea no matter what country I'm living in?

5. [+347, -2] No matter what country you're living in, your motherland is the motherland... there's no changing that. The Ghanaian twins did what was natural to them. There was no need for an apology. If anyone should apologize, it's the people who left hate comments.